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EUTOKEN project was established from 15 May to 2021. It is intended to serve as the primary official EUTOKEN in the European cryptocurrency foreign exchange markets. EUTOKEN is a decentralized ERC-20 standard, which means that it operates through the Ethereum/MintmeCoin blockchain and is very well protected. Ethereum, on the other hand, is secured by its Ethash certification function. And on the other hand with ERC20/Mintmecoin blockchain smart contracts. EUTOKEN aims to be a functional and official European Union crypto currency. through liquidity repurchases, we aim to create continuous growth for you EUTOKEN investors. One of our main goals is to grow our community, where together we support the development of EUTOKEN on the road to an official European Union crypto currency for its growing digital consumer market. The real value of EUTOKEN's smart contracts is created when the certification functions are combined into a decentralized entity. With it, open and reliable smart contracts and plan deployment capabilities are limitless. The decentralized financing and business model together can build this an advanced digital payment instrument and aim for Europe as the official cryptocurrency for its decentralized digital emerging consumer markets.

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EUTOKEN NEWS Hello. We recommend mining EUTOKEN. from the link below you can get mining EUTOKEN. One quarter of all tokens created, or 2,500,000, have been created for mining. When enough tokens can be mined, our rate will increase. As you may have noticed in recent cryptocurrency news. The official stablecoin of Europe's own currency EUR has not yet been created and we in the EUTOKEN team have taken this as a guideline and our goal as a minimum price for EUTOKEN. We know there will certainly be a journey and time will pass. But together we can make it an achievement.



Progressive news The EUTOKEN project is rising and moving in the right direction and growing slightly faster than forecast. The decentralized smart contracts we developed, along with our decentralized business model, will keep the project moving forward. We appreciate the administrators and developers of and will be creating something new valuable bonus and surprise for our mint community during June. Here at, we welcome cooperation ideas or offers or suggestions. Happy summer, Wishing EUTOKEN -team



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With our small team We are constantly working on the EUTOKEN project forward. Here's more good news. We are the first to inform here about our reforms that our EUTOKEN currency rulers can take advantage of to increase value You can claim EUTOKEN 0.0003 every 30 mins and minimium automatic widthraw of 1 EUTOKEN. Link here⬇️


Good News for EUTOKEN holders !! Soon you can trade EUTOKEN in other cryptocurrency marketplaces as well! The EUTOKEN project is progressing. We will announce here in the coming weeks the following marketplaces where EUTOKEN will be listed next. We listen to your wishes about our listings, leave or comment on it below. thank you

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