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This is but one token of appreciation for those supporting my work as a public social commentator & edu-tainer, particularly for the cause of libertarian socialism. I may choose to gift rewards in exchange for these tokens some day, & whenever possible I will buy them back from you through this exchange however I make no guarantees at all about that or anything. Do not give/exchange with me any amount you're not willing to part with completely. My intention is to maintain my token as much as possible as a semi-stablecoin valued at one US cent, $0.01/ErikosCoin. If I receive a lot of support I may eventually increase its value to show my gratitude. Please DO NOT BUY/DONATE if you are having any trouble at all affording your basic needs in any way, including food, water, housing, medicine, education or shelter. Please DO BUY/DONATE, however, IF you have more than enough money for your basic needs, & you want to support me! You need a free MintMe account to buy/donate here. I hope to one day give back to those who support me. In the meantime, all I can say is thanks! -Erikos Andropoulos

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15 Dec 2020
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2 year(s)
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9 999 550.2335
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2 063 248.7922
618 995.0000
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23:02:32 08 Feb, 2021

Due to the volatility of the value of MintMe Coin used to purchase tokens, there may be times I take my token off the exchange here. If you don't see my token available for 1 US penny per coin, please message me if you wish to get it at that rate. As stated before no buybacks of the token are guaranteed, but are likely to occur.

02:12:23 26 Dec, 2020

I've officially achieved immortality, my token has been deployed to the blockchain forever. I would like to thank all miners of MintMe Coin for making this eternal extension of my existence possible. Merry Christmas from Erikos!

08:12:55 24 Dec, 2020

My Tumblr blog is now operational at

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