The project roadmap reflects an overview of the already executed and planned approach to reaching some of the key 4P project and FOUR token milestones. As user project evolves, priorities in this roadmap may shift and features may change in order to better serve user requirements. GOALS (1) to develop and deploy a robust multi-chain dMail and dChat dApps powered by community collaboration; (2) to enable an efficient decentralized email and messaging system with uninterrupted up-time not dependable on a centralized node failure; (3) to enable data ownership retention within immutable, non-custodial and permissionless E2EE W2W on-chain communication; (4) to enable adoption also for crypto non-native users using subscription-based communication transaction models, and; (5) to enable opportunities for developers of all levels to contribute and take part in the project's journey. FOUR TOKEN FOUR token is a technical and incentive component dedicated to; (1) RTA (i.e. right-to-access), and; (2) MTO (i.e. multiple-transfer option) models in the ecosystem of Web3 communication. RTA (i.e. right-to-access); holding or locking FOUR enables access to; (1) application protocol fee sharing via RTC (i.e. right-to-claim). FOUR lockers have the ability to claim a part of the collected dMail and dChat communication transaction fees; (2) governance token gFOUR, which represents a voice in the decision-making process and signifies a deeper commitment to our project's growth and success, and; (3) Discord community of developers and projects core supporters. MTO (i.e. multiple-transfer option); as a part of the [Four] token smart contract, the option acts as a settlement service that conserves blockchain network transactions and bundles signed multiple transactions together, and settles them on the blockchain as one transaction. The MTO is ideal for multiple token transfers such as airdrops. Besides technical features, the FOUR token acts as an incentive mechanism enabling the Grants model. FOUR Token Details: Standard: ERC-20, BEP-20, PoS Tokenomics: Deployments: Analytics & Tools:

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As a part of the #FOUR 2023 re-branding, updates will be done on the @etherscan ERC-20 token page: 🔧 Icon update 🔧 BIO update 🔧 Socials & Links update

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