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Let's get the market's attention !!!
18:06:01 16 Jun, 2021

From GCOPR we are deploying a series of measures for the currency to revalue, cutting the flow of issuance and giving holders total freedom to trade freely, my assumed commitment is being carried out to the letter, putting a floor to a value high of the currency as far as my transactions are concerned. My wish is that it begins to be commercialized and there is a flow in the market from the holders to be able to continue raising the price of the same and we can all be satisfied and supported. Without more for the moment, greetings, successes and good trust for all

We have returned with the objective of uploading the currency to the blockchain in the shortest possible time and there to start a sustainable and growth process for both G CORP and our investors, so I invite you to invest and promote this project, which will be supported for a support in terms of productivity but also to share music, financial information and analysis of various situations, I send my greetings and continue to trust that together we will grow without having a roof!

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20 May 2021
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70 067.0000
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10 year(s)
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4 921 812.0205
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2 754 336.1346
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1 122 591.8125
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5 078 187.9794
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500 017
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20:09:34 11 Sep, 2023

Release some runs of tokens to the market, staggered in terms of value, competitive market value with the aim of adding value to the token and helping to reactivate the market, we have a valuable opportunity to play, learn and also capitalize, the best is yet to come friends!!!

21:10:51 28 Oct, 2022

I will be accepting offers to be able to massively deploy the token and improve the offer-demand market in this way to generate market competition and value our Gcorp, greetings!!!!

20:02:04 17 Feb, 2022

Shortly after deploying GCORP on the blockchain I am going to make a strong offer of it and adjust it in any case taking market acceptance, shortly the bases of its economic support will be presented as the strategy to follow in positioning and marketing, meanwhile to continue enjoying the trip! Greetings and success!!!

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