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Digital coins to support charitable organizations

Sep 29, 2020

           Despite what some people may think, there is still some good in the world. The purpose of innovating through blockchain technology and the creation of digital coins is in part, being able to bring and show the good that is left allowing us to give support to the people we believe in and make sure that things are done the right way.

           Some of the reasons why it’s hard to believe in charitable organizations nowadays are that we are never completely aware of the processes or the way they actually use our money or the money they collect through campaigns. Seems to be the case of taxes as well, when you aren’t allowed to choose where do you want to use your money and even less choose the amount or any other specification and you are only obliged to believe that the government is capable enough to administrate the money to do good, and we can never be sure of it. Yet, crowdfunding through the blockchain gives people the possibility to put their money into something that they really believe in and be able to keep track of their transactions and see how the organization they have benefited, grows, and works towards a goal.

People need out help

The importance of helping others is a principle that can be found in every sphere of society, in one form or another. The opinions may differ as to what motivates an individual, or group to help, but, in the end, it is all about how the person experiences the process of the act of giving.

We can’t ever forget that our help is important, I always remember that saying by Mother Teresa “We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop”. Some people ignore the immense difference they could make when they show support or when they believe in something strongly. Blockchain definitely has changed the idea of persona, giving us more authorship over our money and how we give support because it allows people to be closer to each other, making direct transactions and relying on each other to make things happen.

Blockchain is changing our sense of mutual support 

Furthermore, the truth is that we should learn to see the technological advances as a mirror of our own needs. Such is the case of the use of digital coins, more especially crypto coins. Humans seem to have an innate ability to help each other, support one another, and search in one another an extensive sense of communication that makes them feel more complete. This ability may well be the aspect of "us" that promotes the survival of our species. A compassionate sense of existence leads us to be there for others, even strangers, and it would not be just by chance that blockchain technology and the new protocols such as decentralized finance (Defi) act as a system that unifies people and makes them interact in such a way that they make chains of reliability and trust together.

Altruism is defined as the selfless quality where people act for the purpose of helping others without any concern for reward, or recognition. Yet concepts also change when we ponder the realities and try to come up with new ways to allow people to help. This is why platforms like MintMe are meant to create a place in which people can help but earn something back too. Many would say that therein lies the true benefit of helping others (in helping without getting anything back) but this feeling can be compensated by a new notion of utility, helping others and feeling rewarded beyond any reward or recognition yet being rewarded with money, its the two faces of the coin-flipping at the same time.

Crowdfunding with digital coins

           Did you know that there are tops “the best-high-rated” charitable organizations? You can even find tops for “the best charitable organizations to donate to in the US. If you come back to what we said before, it seems unfair that not all charitable organizations can get the same opportunities to receive support.

Many non-profit organizations that are at the top already receive the benefit of the propaganda directly given by the powerful TV channels, big brands, and even the government, some of them make themselves known to the public by paying huge sums of money to celebrities to promote them, or the celebrities are the ones to enjoy attention for their projects since they are already exposed to the public.

“We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop”

There is a reason behind all this, and it’s in the first place, the fact that not all non-profit organizations count on the good opinion and can’t demonstrate that they are trustable, not because they don’t have a good idea or because they are scams but because they cannot pay for promotion and they are always in darkness and in the second place stays the fact that people want security that their support is going to a right cause, the one they have chosen. It’s reasonable to think then, that they need a system that can allow them to receive exposition to let them finally demonstrate to a wider public that they are worth the support and of course, allow the supporters to be ensured their help is going to the right place all at the same time.

Using digital coins managed through blockchain technology opens the doors to more equality, any organization or individual can get started in their own project and be available to receive support from the people. By creating their own customized cryptocurrencies they are entering a new world of opportunities and allowing people from all over the world to reach out to them and have the chance to earn something back.

Mary Schwartz