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Targeting the current challenges in decentralized finance, Goose Token proposes solutions that include technical components and tokenized protocols, aiming to provide secure, inclusive, innovative, and transparent decentralized financial services for users worldwide, distributing cryptocurrency. The token is not a financial instrument, and does not try to compete with anyone and take over the world of cryptocurrency. It's just Goose.

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29 Nov 2022
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17:11:02 29 Nov, 2022

Dear friends, we present to your attention the drawing of 1000 $. The conditions of the draw are simple: be the holder of our GST token; subscribe to our official Twitter page; repost this post on your Twitter or group of Telegram account. The drawing will be held upon reaching the market cap of $ 100,000. After reaching this level, the GST token will be listed on the Exrates exchange. Twitter: