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Homelify Property investment that matters. Homelify Limited is a registered UK company and has a 2 side business: Property Trust With the sale of the Homelify token will finance buying properties that will be updated and later flipped providing a return for investors. Property Management While the properties are under Homelify's management they can be rented at maintenance cost providing a really low rent, aimed for those that can't afford a regular one.

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17 Mar 2021
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10 000 000.0000
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9 999 922.0540
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19:03:25 25 Mar, 2021

22:03:37 19 Mar, 2021

Homelify Token Price Homelify is in a broad interpretation a stablecoin, but instead of following a fiat currency it follows the average price of rent in London. At the time of writing this post, the average price of rent in London is 1,680.53 GBP, the price of 1 MINTME is 0.00000005 BTC, and 1 BTC is 42202.38 GBP. This makes the price of 1 Homelify token 800000 MINTME Just to get the market started, I'll start selling tokens with a 50% discount

22:03:40 17 Mar, 2021

Mechanics of the token The value of the Homelify token resides on the promise that we'll buy the token back at the end of the lifecycle of a investment. Here's how it works: Minting When more investment is needed, we'll sell more tokens. Burning When the investment matures and produces profit (from selling a property or shares on the property), we'll buy the tokens back returning this profit to the token owners.

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