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INTRODUCTION Hydrogen Innovations (HHO) is a hydrogen production process created by a dedicated team of engineers to produce affordable Hydrogen to meet the massive existing industrial gas market and the long-awaited and overall alternative fuel for electric vehicles energy storage. A report published by McKinsey envisions 2050 a need for Hydrogen and hydrogen technologies with revenues of more than $2.5 trillion per year. This vital gas will represent around 18% of global energy demand, help reduce CO2 emissions by approximately six Giga tons and create 30 million jobs. HHO's technology will enable the low-cost production of 99.999% hydrogen gas from various feedstocks, including clean natural gas, bioethanol, and bio-methane gas. We can optimize fuel and electric energy production by integrating our systems with hydrogen-electric storage systems. We can contribute to an economically sustainable energy infrastructure for many applications with application-level load management. In addition, HHO can provide a carbon neutrality approach to hydrogen fuel production from its natural gas feedstock operations by combining CO2 sequestration (deep well and otherwise) and its commitment to silviculture (replanting of forests) that we can offer. H2I's technology will provide the fuel for producing inexpensive pure Hydrogen for long-established industries and technologies and the ideal fuel for the emerging electric vehicles market. The interest in using Hydrogen as an energy source has expanded over the last few decades, mainly because energy production from Hydrogen can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, bolster energy security, and reduce local air pollution. Hydrogen as a feedstock in petroleum refining, ammonia production, and steelmaking has a growing demand. The world consumes billions of cubic meters of Hydrogen annually. R & D programs worldwide have increasingly focused on developing & improving technologies for hydrogen production. There is a constant demand for hydrogen production—these processes of steam, hydrocarbon, carbonaceous species or an inert sweep gas result in many byproducts. Therefore, an energy-efficient hydrogen separation technique is crucial to large-scale hydrogen production. https://smarthydrogen.xyz/uploads/1/3/5/2/135272029/image1e_orig.jpg Furthermore, PSA and cryogenic distillation require expensive auxiliary equipment, making them economically viable for large economies-of-scale applications only. The membrane separation technology developed by H2I is much simpler. It is scalable to a localized and decentralized (also called "distributed energy") production, for example, for businesses such as a gas-stations or as backup power for buildings, industrial parks, or housing estates, including stand-alone micro-grid installations. A decentralized production eliminates the freight costs of hydrogen delivery to the end-user.

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