IDHUS(IDH) is the native token of the SCCM, the Smart City Cohesive Model, a cohesive platform of structures, service levels, applications and systems for Smart Cities, which facilitates and guides the implementation of technologies and processes that lead to the transformation of our cities towards new urban models of livability, sustainability, functionality and technological interconnection. It is an ERC20 token that facilitates connectivity, interoperability and management of all systems, applications and blockchain-based technologies used in the development and implementation of different applications and services for Smart Cities. The IDHUS token’s mission is to ensure the proper functioning and to allow different systems within a Smart City to operate and be supervised from its central management and control mechanisms.

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19 Dec 2022
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17:12:21 27 Dec, 2022

IDHUS presents our new page: SmartCitiesTECH, a point of dissemination of information and news about the technologies that make our Smart Cities work. Here we will share daily all the most interesting news about the world of #SmartCities

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