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The Kingdom of Rainbowland jointly with LGBTQ Network Foundation On July 11, 2021, Rainbowland declared itself an independent free state in Rainbowland Blockchain. Now it has the international status of a virtual state and all the dedicated attributes and powers. RAINBOWLAND, FULL NAME - KINGDOM OF RAINBOWLAND. The Kingdom of Rainbowland is an independent and sovereign state. It has unique state symbols and attributes officially assigned to it. The independence of the virtual state was proclaimed on July 11, 2021 as a result of a referendum. The state system of the Kingdom of Rainbowland is a dualistic constitutional monarchy, similar in essence to the state system of countries such as Bahrain, Bhutan, Jordan, Kuwait, Liechtenstein, Morocco, Monaco, Tonga, Eswatini. Currently, the head of state is the King of the Rainbowland Louis, whose legitimacy has been confirmed and consolidated by the parliament and the people. Early History of the Kingdom of RAINBOWLAND The Kingdom of Rainbowland originates from a group of people united by a common idea: "Make The World a Better Place" It was then that the idea of establishment of a new state as a full platform for human rights protection and uniting. On July 11, 2021 the Kingdom of Rainbowland was proclaimed as an independent microstate. Rainbowland is a eco-friendly Kingdom The Kingdom of Rainbowland Eco-Friendly. We have completely abandoned the use of paper and plastic. We are trying to keep the Kingdom's carbon footprint as low as possible. All necessary administrative services are provided in the Kingdom online and through blockchain technology. The Kingdom of Rainbowland is a Virtual State in Rainbowland Blockchain. When the state was created, a decision was made on the format for the existence of a micro-state, which included, among other things, the rejection of the symbolic territory and the creation of a completely virtual state in the world of the blockchain. The most important achievement can be considered the creation from scratch of the Constitution of the virtual state of the Rainbowland, which was published on the official website of the Kingdom. This unique document can be considered an example of libertarian ideology, which is the political basis of the Rainbowland. Kingdom of rainbowland as a digital platform for mutual assistance From 2021, the Kingdom of the Rainbowlan plans to start active charitable activities, supporting a large number of various social and cultural projects aimed at positively changing the world.. State Symbols of the Kingdom of Rainbowland The Rainbow Kingdom Flag was created in 2021. Officially approved by decree of the King Louis on July 11, 2021. The Flag symbolizes the unity of the King, the People of The Kingdom of Rainbowland and modern technologies, the path of progress, tolerance and mutual respect. When our IOS & Android App will be realised LGBTQ token will be source of payment for all App Futures, sending money between users, hotels, attractions & store payments. Pride $LGBTQ is an Official Currency issued at The Kingdom of Rainbowland. Thank you for your supporting

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We are launched The Rainbowland Developing Fund at Gitcoin

In a few days it will be live after verification and we will start accepting funds for developing of The Rainbowland [url=][/url]

Rainbowland jointly with LGBTQ Network Foundation

P.S. Currently we are having 4 curencies LGBTQ - old contract by Ethereum LGBTQ - new contract by Ethereum Rainbowland (RBL) by Binance Smart Chain Rainbowland (RBL) by Polygon (Matic)

Rainbowland jointly with LGBTQ Network Foundation

Rainbowland $RBL distribution: 1. QuickSwap 50% 2. Team 25% 3. Direct Sales 15% 4. Marketing 5% 5. Staking Rewards 5% Rainbowland (RBL) by Polygon (Matic) will not be distributed to all holders, it will be used for staking rewards, token pre-sales and liquidity at pools with LGBTQ and Rainbowland. Bonus % for referral sales is available, like usual. Currently we are paying both, token and cash, like a bonus for referrals. Best Regards, LGBTQ Network Team jointly with The Kingdom of Rainbowland

Rainbowland jointly with LGBTQ Network Foundation

If you wanna join, to be our angel investor, welcome. Price is grow up just for 3 days up to 300% at our PancakeSwap. Buy 40,000 Rainbowland for $100: [url=][/url] Buy 80,000 Rainbowland for $200: [url=][/url] Buy 120,000 Rainbowland for $300: [url=][/url] Buy 200,000 Rainbowland for $500: [url=]

Rainbowland jointly with LGBTQ Network Foundation

All holders of LGBTQ (new contract) will receive today Rainbowland (RBL) via Binance Smart Chain in ratio 1,000 LGBTQ = 1 RBL

Contract address of Rainbowland $RBL: PancakeSwap is already created: We also launched token sales, which one will be used for Liquidity at Binance Smart Chain, Polygon and Ethereum Pools with LGBTQ and Rainbowland coins. Our goal is to our 50% of all coins to PancakeSwap, we need to raise for it $30,000

Our LGBTQ Network Foundation has had big announcements last couple weeks

We are partnered with Virtual Country: The Kingdom of Rainbowland. It's all official, our currency is an official payment method at The Kingdom. You can buy any titles from the Kingdom, like Lord, Baron, Earl, Marquess or just regular citizens. All titles give many benefits now and so many features, when App & Web App will be launched. Currently with Titles you can receive Staking Rewards benefits from all LGBTQ (new contract) what you have. All Titles and other documents issued by The Kingdom are NFT. If you are interested in this, just tell me, I will give you more information. Today we are launching two additional networks, because Ethereum gas fees are very expensive, we are created Rainbowland (RBL) at Binance Smart Chain Network and Rainbowland (RBL) at Polygon (Matic) Network.

Private Token Sale

Private Token Sale of Rainbow 🌈 Crypto Pride — $LGBTQ with Coinbase Payment (with no account) Contract: 0x7cb97a776a49e272baccad31396405a94f3fb3f8 Total Supply: 165,920,827 Coinbase payment links & instructions:

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🎉 Pride (LGBTQ) is listed at Nomics

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⭐️Pride (LGBTQ) is listed at Coinpaprika

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🦄 Uniswap Pool

[p]🥇 LGBTQ-ETH Pool 📈 +5.79% 💰$368,343,619[/p] [p]✅ Liquidity ✅ 0.408 Ethereum ✅ 3,390,368 LGBTQ[/p] [p]❤️ Bonus for liquidity providers ❤️ Trading Competition Bonus: $50, $25, $25[/p] ✅ Check it: [url=][/url] ✅ Twitter: [url=][/url]

🥇 LGBTQ price is go up +2369%

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💰 Trading Competition with prize

[p]🥇$50 in Ethereum 🥈$25 in ETH 🥉$25 in LGBTQ[/p] [p]✅From 30 March - 30 April 2021[/p] [p]✅All trades with LGBTQ/ETH Pair (Min $100)[/p] [url=][/url] [url=][/url]

Uniswap LGBTQ/ETH Pai

[p]Liquidity now is 3,863,045 LGBTQ and 0.358 ETH ($611)[/p] Check it, swap it: [url=][/url] [p]We have BONUS for liquidity providers, if you are interested, DM us.[/p]

LGBTQ is official payment method at BeMyCreativ

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LGBTQ Network is Partner with AltcoinN Community.

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Uniswap Pool

[p]LGBTQ/ETH Pair[/p] [p]$302,705,011[/p] [p]Bonus for liquidity providers[/p] Check it: [url=][/url]

Feedback about LGBTQ Network Foundation

Check it out: [url=][/url] [p]Rewards for all reviews.[/p]

Our price strategy for Pride (LGBTQ) on Ethereum Blockchain

[p]Reach $0.01 again before Summer 2021[/p] [p]Reach ATH ($0.12) before New Year 2022[/p] Thank you for supporting of our Development & Project

Coinbase Wallet can keep your LGBTQ tokens, its very easy & safe way


LGBTQ token is the Official Payment Method at OpenSea

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[h5]Just 03 - 05 March Rewards for all Buyers of LGBTQ tokens (Ethereum based)[/h5] [p]1. Buy any amount of LGBTQ tokens at MintMe[/p] [p]2. Comment your Tron address[/p] [p]3. Receive same amount of LGBTQ (Tron) from your buy order of LGBTQ at MintMe[/p]

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[h5]Reviews Rewards for LGBTQ Network Foundation[/h5] [p]Revain Reviews Platform on Blockchain[/p] [p][url=][/url][/p] [p]We will start pay for each review 0.1 - 1 REV (Ethereum) from 04 March 2021[/p]

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[h5]Revain & LGBTQ Network Foundation is Partners[/h5] [p]Review Platform for Crypto Community.[/p] [p][url=][/url][/p] [p]Get tokens by writing high-quality reviews and influence Revain platform ranking. Reviews on Revain platform are always honest - platform aim to keep it that way. This is why Revain check all reviews with AI, verify them and store everything on the blockchain so that nothing can be censored or deleted.[/p]

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[h5]We Need Content Creator & Admins to our Social Channels[/h5] [li]Searching for content, news, events[/li] [li]Writing Articles for the Medium[/li] Conditions: [li]Volunteer required, no salary.[/li] [li]Quarterly bonus in the form of crypto tokens of the project[/li] Linkedin Job Info: [url=][/url]

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[h5]LGBTQ Token | Ethereum blockchain[/h5] [li]Place 20 by Buy Depth[/li] Buy Orders Total: 2 617.3088 MINTME

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[h5]LGBTQ Token Wallets[/h5] [li]Rainbow Wallet: [url=][/url][/li] [li]AlphaWallet [url=][/url][/li] [li]MEW Wallet [url=][/url][/li] [li]Trust Wallet [url=][/url][/li]

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[h5]LGBTQ Exchanges[/h5] [li]Uniswap with LGBTQ/ETH [url=][/url][/li] [li]Saturn Network with LGBTQ/ETH [url=][/url][/li] [li]EXNCE with LGBTQ/ETH, LGBTQ/ETC, LGBTQ/XNC [url=][/url][/li] [li]Sherolex with LGBTQ/BTC [url=][/url][/li]

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[h5]LGBTQ Exchanges[/h5] [li]BambooRelay with LGBTQ/WETH [url=][/url][/li] [li]ForkDelta with LGBTQ/ETH [url=]!/trade/DAI-ETH[/url][/li]

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[h5]Pride (LGBTQ) at AlphaWallet[/h5] [li]IOS & Android App [url=][/url][/li] [li]AlphaWallet supports all Ethereum based networks: Mainnet, xDai, Ethereum Classic, POA, Ropsten, Goerli , Kovan, Rinkeby, Sokol and etc.[/li]

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[h5]🎉 Congratulations for all LGBTQ Network Community Members 🎁[/h5] [li]✅ First swap at $Uniswap Pool with ETH/LGBTQ[/li] [li]✅ [url=][/url][/li] [li]🎁 Liquidity: $244 (ETH) & 1,782,651 LGBTQ[/li] [li]Twitter: [url=][/url][/li]

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Guys, if you have problems with Airdrop receiving, please DM us in telegram, Facebook, Discord or here in comments. Please provide scree with error. MintMe support will check this issue. Thank you for understanding, for your support and have a nice day .

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[h5]Uniswap Pool with LGBTQ/ETH[/h5] [li]LGBTQ/ETH pair[/li] [li]Welcome liquidity providers.[/li] [li]Welcome to swap your LGBTQ or ETH or any other token.[/li] [li]Members who will provide liquidity from 1 million LGBTQ, will receive from our Team compensation same amount of LGBTQ tokens.[/li]

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