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Lizza Token Much better Intro is coming soon. Lizza is One Powerful Token, part of a multi token ecosystem with Multiple Use Cases; meant to empower projects on MintMe and boost the use of blockchain technology. Please be aware that the Lizza project hasn't fully kicked off yet; a lot still has to be done in the background before I fully can announce it. * Now featuring * Like all projects partnered with the Konra project a 20% burn of MintMe from every buy order placed with me. In the future 10 % additionally will be burned on another blockchain we're active on. *Future expansion * Considering working out a way to manually let people bridge /convert to multiple tokens & blockchains by using Lizza. There would be wait times, as I'd have to do it manually, but I may have a way to avoid most expensive fees and would have much more reasonable lower limits. *Coming soon too * Lizza will also be partnered with Azantii token on DogeChain to help bring about the Nexus. *Dividends update: * Still working out how to best do Dividends for holders; dividends will likely be coming from multiple blockchains and incorporate many tokens from us AND our partners. A minimum hold of Lizza tokens will be required to get Dividends and I'm not sure if I'll do them weekly, monthly or whenever we receive tokens in our portfolio. It will likely be a different dividend token, in segments throughout the year. Currently I foresee the following tokens to be distributed via our dividend program: Konra, Azantii, SuperDOGE, DC (DogeChain) Walk, LEASH (Shibarium) Konra, Rastjn, Narath, LAW, EBEN (SmartBCH) Zarali, Chatari, MintMe, Dance & Music & others as we get a hold of them; farm them or gain them through staking. - A minimum hold of Lizza will likely be required to get the dividends and you MUST provide your MM compatible wallet address to receive the tokens. Getting and using the tokens: Lizza here on MintMe are easy to get and easy to trade for anyone who has a phone. Lizza is an innovative token that you can earn if you hold other tokens in our ecosystem, trade and hold as you wish. Then you can use it to get access to special member's only content or use it to gain special rights, (including Dividends) down the road. In this way Lizza will become used as a tokenized currency for our specific use cases and to gain access to exclusive membership items for those who wish to have some privacy and avoid high fees which are rampant in other spaces. || Sign up to MintMe via Lizza: How it works: Have fun buying, selling and trading Lizza. Or keep it for the Dividends, once I can kick them off. Tell 2 other people about this project. Help support the whole Ecosystem of tokens as well as all of our and the partnered projects / endeavors. Zarali (Partner) Konra Project (Partner) The Nexus (Partner) Dance & Music Token (Supporter) Learn a Language Token (Supporter) Thank you to all who are supporting my token. Keep checking back, telling others about it, buying and selling them. Together we can do this! If you purchase or Trade: You're helping determine the worth of every token out there. As more people trade and use Lizza it's trade volume and value will naturally increase; the same is true as I add use cases for the token. Selling the token: You determine the price you wish to sell your token for each time you make a sell order, thus choosing what the tokens of all others are worth. I made a few sell orders to allow everyone the chance to set the price of the tokens. Token Details: Lizza is limited at 10 million Tokens - With 4 Decimals. There will only be 10,000,000 minted; yet the token has 4 decimal points which means you can own fractions of a token. This increases the amount available, as in many cases fractional ownership of tokens and coins is normal. In fact, with higher value tokens (Think Bitcoin) it's often impossible for the average person to own more than a fraction of one. However, with only 10 million issued of our token, they are still scarce and of limited quality. This sort of "technical scarcity" is normal for many tokens and coins on the blockchain. It also makes most of them deflationary as adoption and interest increases. This is completely opposite from most fiat (national paper bank notes) currencies which are almost always inflationary, where the value and spending power of each decrease over a period of time. 4 Million were minted at creation, on April 8, 2021. Almost 2 Million have been minted since then. The remaining 4 million are minted over a few more years at a rate of 136.9863 per hour. The time it takes to mint them all will allow us to grow the project(s) and make sure that not all are available at one time. *Please be aware that it's taking some time to grow this powerful multi token ecosystem and the many projects it serves. I also tend to stack up use cases for these tokens for my personal projects too; which will help increase overall usage of the tokens over time. Check out Zarali on MintMe: Powering Tokenization for the World; Marketing Campaigns and the Millionaire's club Check out Chatari on MintMe: Link provided soon. Check out Konra Token project & Azantii Nexus on SmartBCH & DogeChain:

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08 Apr 2021
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2 924.0000
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5 year(s)
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04:12:04 06 Dec, 2023

You'd get an allowance each time I send out tokens, and the timing may not be consistent as it may vary what we have available given our partnerships and our project's farming / staking and other earnings over time. SmartBCH: Konra, Narath, Rastjn, EBEN, LAW DogeChain: Konra, SuperDoge, Azantii, DC, WDoge, DogeTools, DogeCorn, Haru, Kibby Shibarium: Walk, Leash, Bone, Shib, others. MintMe: MintMe, Zarali, Chatari, Dance & Music Due to strong partnerships, there may be additional tokens granted over time and perhaps even NFTs. I'll announce Dividend drops before I do them.

04:12:36 06 Dec, 2023

If you have over 5 Lizza to 9.99 Lizza you get 1 X the allowance. If you have 10 - 24.99 Lizza you get 2X the allowance If you have 25 - 49.99 Lizza you get 3X the allowance If you have 50 - 99.99 Lizza you get 4X the allowance If you have 100 - 199.99 Lizza you get 5X the allowance If you have 200 - 299.99 Lizza you get 6X the allowance Higher holders than that get a custom allowance. You must DM me your wallet, either here or in Telegram in order to receive these dividends. I'm hoping to give the first dividend airdrop soon, so load up on your tokens. Telegram is preferred as I'm on there much more often than here. @TheCryptoEmpress /

01:08:52 29 Aug, 2023

Lizza is starting it up great, it's got a good number of holders, but no real whales that can end up causing problems for our token down the road. This is good news especially since I'm considering intertwining Bozmi our Dividend token with Lizza down the road.

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