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Lizza Token Much better Intro is coming soon. Lizza is One Powerful Token, part of a multi token ecosystem with Multiple Use Cases: Please be aware that the Lizza project hasn't fully kicked off yet; a lot still has to be done in the background before I fully can announce it. Getting and using the tokens: Lizza here on MintMe are easy to get and easy to trade for anyone who has a phone. If you are tired of conventional social media and love what we're doing, then get yourself some Lizza tokens so you can get a first look at what we're doing. A few Lizza will be given out in AirDrops and for sharing posts over time, to help facilitate new people to easily get their hands on Crypto. Lizza is an innovative token that you can claim in an air drop, trade and hold as you wish. Then you can use it to get access to special member's only content both here and in the future model nation; or to gain special rights in various spaces or the Empire as a whole. In this way Lizza will become used as a tokenized currency for our specific use cases and to gain access to exclusive membership items for those who wish to have some privacy and avoid high fees which are rampant in other spaces. || We have a current Sign up Bonus if you sign up via Lizza: How it works: SIMPLY CLAIM THE AIRDROP, CHECK BACK EVERY WEEK OR TWO FOR NEW POSTS FOR HOLDERS. Have fun buying, selling and trading Lizza. Tell 2 other people about this project & help support the whole Ecosystem of tokens as well as all of our and the partnered projects / endeavors. Thank you to all who are supporting my token. Keep claiming the air drops, telling others about it, buying and selling them. Together we can do this! Each few months I'll manually reset the airdrop for everyone who wants it. Collect your tokens in each new airdrop for best results and tell everyone you know about them. I'm only doing small airdrops to allow us to scale up properly. There are over 7 billion people on Earth, so it's better to think ahead since the tokens are capped at 10 million tokens. I'll upgrade the number of participants in each air drop too as I see more people using it. If you purchase or Trade: You're helping determine the worth of every token out there. As more people trade and use Lizza it's trade volume and value will naturally increase; the same is true as I add use cases for the token. Selling the token: You determine the price you wish to sell your token for each time you make a sell order, thus choosing what the tokens of all others are worth. I made a few sell orders to allow everyone the chance to set the price of the tokens. If I see some reasonably priced buy orders, I'll start giving out small amounts of this token for various prices too. Token Details: Lizza is limited at 10 million Tokens - With 4 Decimals. There will only be 10,000,000 minted; yet the token has 4 decimal points which means you can own fractions of a token. This increases the amount available, as in many cases fractional ownership of tokens and coins is normal. In fact, with higher value tokens (Think Bitcoin) it's often impossible for the average person to own more than a fraction of one. However, with only 10 million issued of our token, they are still scarce and of limited quality. This sort of "technical scarcity" is normal for many tokens and coins on the blockchain. It also makes most of them deflationary as adoption and interest increases. This is completely opposite from most fiat (national paper bank notes) currencies which are almost always inflationary, where the value and spending power of each decrease over a period of time. 4 Million were minted at creation, on April 8, 2021. Almost 2 Million have been minted since then. The remaining 4 million are minted over a few more years at a rate of 136.9863 per hour. The time it takes to mint them all will allow us to grow the project(s) and make sure that not all are available at one time. *Please be aware that it's taking some time to grow this powerful multi token ecosystem and the many projects it serves. I also tend to stack up use cases for these tokens for my personal projects too; which will help increase overall usage of the tokens over time. Check out Zarali on MintMe: Powering Tokenization for the World; Marketing Campaigns and the Millionaire's club If you are familiar with Smart Chains check out our ecosystem's other tokens on SmartBCH; they are in various stages of development: Konra - The Empire's Ultra Low Supply Merit & Store of Value Narath - Our Education and Blockchain marketing token Rastjn - Our Sassy Reflection token on SmartBCH; it powers the DECENTRA DEX concept. Also, will be used for taxed use cases.

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08 Apr 2021
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5 year(s)
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6 392 975.5713
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3 607 024.4286
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5 963 835.9262
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3 084.0000
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2 122.1696
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23:11:24 28 Nov, 2022

In a world of confusion, it's easy to forget that when it gets down to it, we're all connected. Collaboration is always better than competition; unity is always better than separation. We may forget that from time to time, but many things in our lives remind us of this. So, to grow successful, one of the first steps is to realize that everything you do affects multiple people, your project affects the whole ecosystem, the whole crypto ecosystem affects the world. It's not about my token, or about your token, it's about all of us together. Always ask: How can you not only benefit your own project but the whole world?

01:05:41 04 May, 2021

Edit: They've partially removed support for SLP tokens, so we moved Konra to SmartBCH. I'll be making a post on how to get on SmartBCH soon, so that I can get some Konra (Or Narath / Rastjn; it'll be your choice) to those who have been patiently waiting here. Please be aware that SmartBCH is a side chain with DEFI capabilities; so it's not as easy to navigate as MintMe but there's plenty of documentation how to use SmartBCH, bridge in and out of it.... Originally offered a little Konra to the long-term holders of Lizza on SimpleLedger protocol

15:04:40 18 Apr, 2021

As the function of the token will change a little I'm most likely going to change the airdrops so they're not daily anymore but every few months. I might also change the amounts for a different amount every time and occasionally have surprise air drops to reward those who check our token pages regularly. In this way it becomes more cool and much easier for supporters :).