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This token will help recover your funds anytime you loose $13k. It only works if you buy and then FUD your own investment however. We aim to bring together a thriving community of investors who will govern this coin and direct which will be the next project to invest in so we can get back our $13k that we loss. At any time once all investors have recouped their $13k, we will look for our next project to invest in. This is no silly useless coin! This is got serious investors only!!

Created on:
13 Apr 2022
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0 year(s)
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10 000 000.0000
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Active orders:
3 776 503.0000
2 000 000.0000
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6 952 235.4351
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04:04:57 27 Apr, 2022

I am happy to have all of you guys/gals here to enjoy this fun little project with me! It was created as a humorous, but very serious, escape from all the FOMOing and FUD we deal with in the crypto markets, and also a sort of jab at a fellow investor who was/is not happy about decisions made while executing one of his investment strategies. It would be amazing if this fun little project really gained huge support and took off as we continue to enjoy this silly thing that could perhaps turn into a wildly successful token on this platform! 😃 I just wanted to thank you all for taking this amusement ride with me and let’s see if we can all make some serious 💰 As the description states, once we capture success, we will start thinking of other projects to invest in that could perhaps give us even more big gains 🚀🚀🚀🔥😊