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Need help. Pay € 10 to solve the problem

[p]When cleaning up, I use the following extension: wp_falcleaner[/p] [p]This can be used to free FAL from duplicates. After 20 years and over 30,000 news items, we have a lot of them.[/p]Help needed. Help needed. [p]It works like it should. Unfortunately, no files are deleted because unlink contains a wrong path.[/p] [p]I'll pay € 10 in MINT for whoever solves the problem. I have already mentioned one approach in the following link.[/p] Issue #1 [p]You should know about TYPO3 and PHP.[/p]

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I have a plan

Interim report June 2021

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[h4]Interim message[/h4] [p]Many thanks to all donors and buyers. I am pleased to see that there are serious offers to buy my coin. I could even sell some of my shares for almost € 600 today, but I won't.[/p] [p]Keep up the good work and I will too![/p]

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[h4]I have received my first donation! Yeah <3![/h4] [p]Thank you for this small donation. The first thing I did yesterday was to buy back a few tokens from the market.[/p]

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