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Now on Earners Channel's faucet !

[p]Hey, another good thing today, you can now get some daily free MS-Coin on Earners Channel's faucet ![/p] [p]What benefits will you get using Earners Channel's faucet :[/p] [p]- Compatible with Metamask and MintMe Web Wallet[/p] [p]- Claim every 30 minutes[/p] [p]- Claim amount is dynamic (follow the value)[/p] [p]- Quick and anonymous[/p] [p]- Abolutely no fees[/p] [p][url=][/url][/p]

Listed on Jessie Lesbian's exchange !

[p]Hey guys great news, you can now trade MS-Coin on Jessie Lesbian's exchange ![/p] [p]What benefits will you get using Jessie Lesbian's exchange :[/p] [p]- Abolutely no transaction fees (only for deposit and withdraw)[/p] [p]- No minimum order size[/p] [p]- Quick and anonymous, no boring KYC and multi-account allowed[/p] [p]- Negative balance protection[/p] [p]- Powered by advanced and open-source software (OpenCEX)[/p] [p]- MintMe / Polygon bridge included[/p] [p]- Deposit in Polygon DAI for extreme low fees[/p] [p][url=][/url][/p]

Post 2483

Post 2453

[p]Hey, got some news for you[/p] [p]- First, please understand that since some months ago I absolutely can't change my token description and add links.. waiting for an answer from support[/p] [p]- Second, I am recoding the website from A to Z with another editor, that's why it is currently offline[/p] All links here : [p][url=][/url][/p] [p][url=][/url][/p] [p][url=][/url] [Offline][/p]

Post 1724

[p]- PLEASE DELETE ALL YOUR BUY ORDERS UNDER 100 MINTME ! -[/p] [p]From now, I wont NEVER buy under 100 and I'll continue to put more buy orders, each day higher, so it's useless to let them ![/p] [p]HODL <3[/p]