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MineMintTeam began an effort to bring utility to the network only just a few short months ago. We are so proud of what we have accomplished in such a short time, but we have so much more work ahead. We want to invite you guys to invest, collaborate, and profit from all the current and future projects. Every step we want to take in our journey is documented on the White Paper. Always keep an eye there as we will update the White Paper from time to time. Read Our Full White Paper Online Get ready, August 31st, 2021! MineMintToken Staking

Recent posts

MineMintApp Release #2

[p]All about fixing bugs, and laying the ground work for remote mining. Remote mining is coming next week, still working out how to distinguish each computer uniquely, so all auto load features continue to work correctly. We will also be introducing a new passive mining feature in the page for other tokens in the network, more news about that soon. Have a great weekend everyone![/p] [p]If for any reason the page does not look the same for you click CTRL+SHIFT+R.[/p]

We are not going anywhere.

[p]As previously stated we have started a legal process. We are currently working with the MintMe.com folks in order to correct this issue, and other issues with the platform. There is a process outline on the Terms of Service and we are currently partaking in that process. We are now awaiting results of this steps while planning our next steps. Currently we are halting all our plans until the decision from MintMe.com top administration. Once we have an update we will fill you guys in. You guys have a wonderful day![/p]

Disclosure of Pending Litigation - Part 2

[p]Once we obtain the information our plan is to take 2 steps. #1 as advice from our lawyer, we must make a complaint with the SEC for an unregister securities. This alone should land the bad actor in prison. #2 we will send a Cease and Desist letter, followed by an actual law suit if the Bad Actor does not stop. We at MineMintToken actually formed an LLC, to cover ourselves and our clients from any liability, so no need to worry, your assets are safe. [/p] [p]We hate having to take time to play lawyers in courts and arbitration, but is often necessary for the good of the community.[/p]

Disclosure of Pending Litigation - Part 1

[p]It truly saddened us to have to take such strong steps, but it appears as the only way to assure our community is a safe place, rather than a festering cesspool of bad actors. With this said we want to give you guys a timeline to the actions. On Friday 13th, 2021, our lawyer requested MintMe.com to intervene, they have 72 hours to respond. We actually expect the MintMe.com team to ban the offending actors account, as the team admitted already they are aware the actor is abusing their platform and is pretending to be them on Facebook (which they also claimed to be working with Facebook to correct). If this fails according to the rules we must begin arbitration in Belize. In order to do that we will request all the private information from MintMe.com about the actor, under the EU GDPR law. They can not ignore that request as it is European law, and they have to provide the information of the offending party so litigation can move forward.[/p]

Haiti Earthquake

[p]We just learned of the terrible earthquake that occurred this morning in Haiti. We want to extend help to anyone from Haiti in our community, please message us on Discord, and we can see how we can help. We will be collecting clothes and food in our local offices in Oviedo, Florida, if you like to visit with us and drop off some food or clothes for Haiti please reach out to us on Discord for our address.[/p] [p]If you would like to donate money the Catholic Relief Services has a page setup.[/p]

100% Solar Mining Duinocoin, Finally!

[p]We are so excited to inform you guys, we are 100% solar on our mine. It is a simple setup, but a great research station right in Sam's apartment for him to figure out and scale for the mining solar nodes. This project is at the heart of why we enter MintMe Blockchain in specific. Low power mining is the future of blockchain technology and we want to be part of its birth and participate in its infancy. This is all outline on our white paper. Remember to always keep an eye there for any changes t o our plans.[/p] [p]New panel on the left, old panel on the right![/p]

55,000 MintMe for the Stake!

[p]In just 3 weeks of operating our faucet, we have gain over 91k in MintMe. The 60% stake is 55,000 MintMe to split amongst all the people who use the stake when available on August 31.[/p] [p]Don't be concern, you still have time to widen your share. The stake will launch on August 31, but you will have until September 10 to add your tokens to the stake. On September 11 at midnight the first profit share will happen and you will receive a share of the 55k MintMe.[/p] [p]Large investors and holders do not affect the small guy. The large investors in our pool will receive a cut directly from us, and does not affect the overall payout for the smaller investors.[/p] [p]No scammer will get a cut of this profit share.[/p]

Check out the vote section, we would love your input!

[p]We want to giveaway 100,000MintMe to celebrate the great success we are having with you on the network. So we shared an idea and we would love your input[/p]

Want to spent some MineMintToken?

[p]BeMyCreative is now accepting MineMintToken amongst a few other currencies. Check them out if you need any art or creative work. https://bemycreative.net/[/p] [p]They accept: EUBI, CLICK, PRSS, bosstoken, MintMe, 1000x, MintMoXMR, BROski, SHELLS, MineMintToken, DogecoinX.[/p]

Re-Investment is the path to success.

[p]Those that have been around for a while are familiar with our token vault. We use this as a place to highlight projects in our community we like to see succeed and those that show true promise. This week we will be adding a new token to the list. Anukis is a great token that supports the efforts of Magnus and friends, a great team of developers currently creating tools for network interaction.[/p] [p]This week we will also be re-investing in EUBI, PRSS, and XatteR.[/p]

23 Days...

[p]...before you can stake your MineMintToken, and earn a dividend in our new staking platform. To this end we have changed our sell orders and made it more competitive for our early investors. Thank you so much for all your support![/p]

Ancient Beast + XatteR

[p]We are so happy to welcome XatteR to the blockchain. This token brings real promise and utility. We want to invite you to both check out Ancient Beast and XatteR.[/p]

Proposition #1 Ready for vote for the next hour!

[p]Visit the voting section to make your voice count.[/p]


[p]MineMintApp will get a nice update in the upcoming week, during the weekend the faucet will also receive its final update, and the official "Faucet Season" will begin. We are waiting for a new larger solar panel and battery from amazon, in order to go full solar on the Duinocoin mine. July is almost over and we want to deliver 2 complete projects in 2 months.[/p] [p]We want to keep the pace, but further, we are stepping up the pace. On August we will finally deliver the staking platform for MineMintToken. If you are not familiar with our whitepaper, the staking platform will allow you to collect profit on our various ventures. Passive income! On August we are also going to deliver an update to our whitepaper, and some collaborations on the pipeline.[/p] [p]The faucet is currently the best daily passive income in the MineMint network. With your support the future looks even better. Together![/p]

Reinvestment is key!

[p]As part of our commitment to the community we plan to keep reinvesting on projects with great potential. This week we purchased ClayCoin, DogecoinX, EUBI, PRSS and XatteR. We like to invite you to visit their projects and check out what they have to offer.[/p]

Faucet Preview 2.0

[p]We don't want to officially launch it until all the feedback has been address. Tonight we are releasing preview number 2. Hoping to collect more feedback and add any other improvements you guys want.[/p] Faucet [p]On this release we added a new fun mini game. The qDUCO mine is a simplified and simulated mining experience. For all your hard mining you will be rewarded with qDUCO tokens which can be exchange for other tokens or MintMe on the qDUCO Exchange. All profit generated by the mining contract will go to community member QUADS and his mining project which mines Duinocoin.[/p]

Faucet Launch Delay to Implement Feedback Changes

[p]The week long preview brought us a ton of feedback, and before we launch the faucet officially, we want to take the time to implement as much as what you guys asked us for. The preview for the faucet will remain available but the full feature release wont be until later tonight or tomorrow, stay tuned![/p]

MineMintToken/EUBI Pair going live tonight on MintyDeFi

[p]The first 8,000 out of 800,000 tokens will be added tonight on the token swap. EUBI is a great token to pair MMT with. Super stable in value, the team behind EUBI continues to deliver quality work. We look forward to further funding this pairing.[/p]

Open Source Forever

Want to see what makes our Smart Contracts tick, visit our GitHub and learn more.[/p]

Welcome 1000x to the faucet!

[p]Things are heating up quickly around here, and with the official launch of the faucet quickly moving close we have some more announcements. More improvements are live, a quick link to the Token Swap created by 1000x and powered by EUBI's MintyDeFi, and the addition of the 1000x token to the faucet mini games. More news to come real soon.[/p]

MineMintFaucet - Early Preview

[p]The MineMintFaucet is not complete yet, but it is up and running for those ready to check it out. If you have MetaMask installed and configured for MintMe, come and check out the faucet preview. PC only for right now, it is not optimize for mobile yet.[/p] [p]Currently missing: Tutorials, mobile friendly version, other Tokens, more mini games. Token creators that would like to participate contact me. You manage your own contract, you set your own rules. The aim is to operate the mini games for 1-3 months. As a token creator you retain all profit from level purchases and you can empty the balance at any time.[/p] MineMintFaucet

MineMint Vault - Update #1

[p]We want to welcome ClayCoin and Xatter to the vault. Both this assets are examples of projects working towards a real goal, one that could turn a great profit. ClayCoin supports the career of a young rapper, he is talented, scrappy, and ready to work on some great crypto art projects. Xatter will be the currency of the already stablished and released game Ancient Beast. Monetizing this game will help both the creator and investor. We are so excited to see where these projects go in the future, and we invite you guys to drop by their projects and check out for yourself what they have to offer.[/p] [p]Come and chat with the MineMint, ClayCoin, and Xatter over on the MineMintToken Discord[/p]

HODL - Your investment is worth more than a few Mint.

[p]With the launch of the Faucet this mid July, we will finally begin turning a profit. This is when it matters the most to have MineMint tokens in your possession. Before the end of August we will be launching our staking platform. There you stake your MineMint token and take a percentage of our profit. 60% of our profit will be redistributed back to our holders. This will all be handle automatically through the staking contract. So what, is just a bit of profit? Yes, on August it will be a little profit, but by the end of the year we will have another 2 more projects release which will add to the profit pool. We are not offering a dividend in investment, you will get a share of the profit, if that profit for the month is 1 million mint, 600,000 will be distributed to holders, and if your share of the stake is 10% you get 60,000 Mint.[/p] [p]Quick money is all the rage, but HODL, and see how your investment can earn you passive income in a near future.[/p]

Re-investing 6,000 MintMe today!

[p]Once again, if you would like your project included in the vault we will be reinvesting 6,000 MintMe on projects as advice or requested![/p]

MineMintFaucet Official Release Date!

[p]Get ready folks! July 16th 2021 you will finally get to use the faucet mini game. Earn MineMintToken and other currencies passively while partaking in a small mini game. The longer you play, the faster, and more you earn. Keep an eye peel here for more information tomorrow, like how many levels, the time between drips, and how to double your earnings. [/p]

MineMintFaucet - The Next Project

[p]Not just a faucet, but a small mini game, the longer you spent on the faucet, the more you collect. Keep an eye out this up coming weekend for the release. Last week we teased the unfinished UI. Today we will show you a piece of the contract.[/p]

MineMint Vault - Network Re-Investment Plan

[p]Our commitment in this network is our number 1 priority. In an effort to ensure the natural financial growth of our network we are purchasing tokens and removing them out of circulation for at least a YEAR. To clarify, we are not purchasing our own token, we are purchasing tokens from projects we see have value and potential. We will also be keeping any tokens earn from investment rewards for a year.[/p] [p]Furthermore, any project/team that would like to have tokens store in this vault, or would like us to consider their token for purchase to be stored in the vault for 1 year, can contact our team here in mintme.com or our discord. [/p]

Website Back In Business

[p]After correcting all the errors and doing a bit of linting we are back in business![/p]

Ledger and Website Update

[p]As part of the update launching tonight, we will include the ledger we mention before in a post. In anticipation to the launch, we have moved all our assets to a Vault Wallet. Our intentions as previously outline is to not only provide and track this assets publicly, but to also disclose any token donations and so on.[/p]

Technical Glitch

Due to a technical glitch, we will be postponing this update until tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience.

MineMint.app account management features launching tonight.

We are in the process of launching MineMint.app update which includes permanent settings and account management. Please bare with us while we get it all on the server and live. We will post again once the update is complete.

MineMintFaucet Official Announcement

[p]Wanted to take the time and formally announce the MineMintFaucet project. You can expect this to land mid July. Utilizing a few mechanisms, like mining and mini games, this will be the first venture we launch that will turn a profit. Don't forget the MineMintToken is your gateway to a portion of the share. Collecting as much MineMintToken is the strategy to have in order to best collect on that share.[/p] [p](Little tease screenshot, tokens feature are just examples)[/p] [p]We want to also formally invite any token creator to list their token on the faucet. Creators will retain full control of their tokens, and receive a share of the profits as well. For more information DM here, or reach out to us on Discord.[/p]

Ethical Development and Trading

[p]As ambassadors of this ecosystem we make a massive effort to try and never disrupt the normal flow of the market. With the exception of some early coin purchases in order to restructure our board, we are extremely proud of the natural growth and progress of our ERCToken. It is in the interest of every investor to assert that the team behind the token is not manipulating the currency. Natural growth leads to real market share and extremely good ROI.[/p] [p]We always want to keep you inform, and we want to be as transparent as possible. To this end we will be adding a ledger to our White Paper. All details about the tokenomics of the project will be explained there. We also tasked our CFO with creating a strong audit check list. A list every member of mintme.com can check for reference in how to spot a great investment. From understanding White Papers, to simple tutorials on ROI calculations. Investing is hard, we make mistakes in investment too. But together we can all succeed.[/p]

MintyDeFi - MMT/EUBI Announcement

[p]As you guys know from our White Paper, brining utility to the community is our #1 goal. So is truly exciting to us when we see other members of the community develop and deploy utility as well. MintyDeFi is the first of many steps that will begin stablishing this network and community as one to watch. EUBI is helping create the future this network needs, and we are so happy to see this launch take place.[/p] [p]With all that said, we want to officially announce the upcoming MineMintToken/EUBI pair. To this end we will be setting aside 800,000 MMT tokens. The EUBI token is a valuable stable token, and a no brainer for a strong pair and liquidity provider. We look forward to more collaborations with the EUBI team, they are killing it and we can't wait to see what else they have up their sleeves.[/p]

DogecoinX Collaboration

We are collaborating with DogecoinX. To that end we have provided them 95,000MMT. They will be announcing how they will use the MMT soon. Thank you all for your support, we look forward to more collaborations!

Blockchain Deployed!

A little ahead of schedule. As promised, the asset is on the blockchain. Let's go!!!!

MineMintToken is deploying to the blockchain today at 9pm (EST)

[p]We want to thank everyone who purchase a token, has reached out to the team via messages or discord. It really is encouraging to see the growing support. The token will be on the blockchain later tonight and you will be able to retrieve your investment into your wallet.[/p] [p]We are excited to finish MineMint.app so we can move on to the next phase on the white paper. As always, we will be updating the white paper as we move forward. Each step keeping you updated.[/p] [p]I know for most our investors the staking platform is what they are looking forward too, so we will be making most our efforts on this front. But we do want to deliver on the NFT project, as well as deploying a MineMintToken faucet.[/p] [p]Thank you all for your support![/p]

Start mining yourself today!

[p]Settings demo is finally live. Just in time for the token to be added to the blockchain today. Get ready guys![/p] [p]Start mining today![/p]

Project Development

[p]We have the capacity of working on any project needed in the community. If any creator out there needs help with their project we might be able to guide you or provide help with your project. Please feel free to join our Discord and reach out. This is not about turning a profit off the community but about increasing our visibility through utility. Your success is our success![/p] [p]Lets build the future together![/p]

Discord Launched!

[p]We want to bring our investors together in a place where we can have a more fluent conversation. Please join us there, and help us grow this network and community.[/p] [p]Discord Server[/p] [p]MineMint Paper[/p]

White paper officially launched.

Come and see why we are so excited to be joining the MintMe network. Your can invest with confidence! https://minemint.app/white-paper


The release of Settings demo and white paper has been moved to tomorrow June 22nd in order to have our entire team present. We are sorry for the delay.

Live demo available!

[p]Visit MineMint.app and check out our tech live right now. With your help we can take this to the moon, and help us enable the future of MintMe.[/p] [p]Let's go![/p]

MineMint launch imminent!

[p]The team has been hard at work creating a new alternative interface for mining on the browser. We are not aiming at just replacing the CoinIMP interface, our goals also include growing the MintMe node infrastructure, creating a new more versatile wallet, and other Dapp taking advantage of the smart contract system on the MintMe network.[/p] [p]A demo version of the mining interface (with no persistent memory) and the white paper will be available on Monday June 20th at 9 PM (EST). MineMintToken will be deployed to the blockchain on June 25th at 9 PM (EST). The full version of our mining interface will be available on June 30th.[/p] [p]minemint.app[/p] [p]Help support the team![/p]

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