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Our official Website Mintme bull token is not just a token, it's a whole ecosystem and crypto crisis management token. As in current scenario, process might go like this Mintme >> mintme bull >> Mintme Bull reward tokens >> assets + utility >> mintme bull >> mintme Mintme Bull practically a governance token + fuel to our ecosystem. It's still in developing stage. But our major goal is to provide security + to build a Dex facilities that can run forever ♾️ in middle of crisis Mintme Bull can shine forever untill blockchain exists. We will sooner introduce methods 🤔 where we can easily buy and sell tokens without any Dex CeX. Directly from blockchain. So if anytime anything happens, we always be in safe mode.

Created on:
18 Oct 2021
Release period:
50 year(s)
Hourly installment:
Already released:
2 228 092.5355
Not yet released:
7 771 907.4644
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Active orders:
1 483 756.0053
Sold on the market:
719 057.5890
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Latest News
14:03:29 22 Mar, 2023

We are about to launch our very first project "Traffic Rotator" You can buy traffic for your website, vids or contents using our recent dapp "Traffic Rotator" that is about to launch Next week. But to regulate the traffic We are about to follow USDC, Mintme + 1000x SWAP for the sell of mintme Bull Token. Else pair are opened up for the traders to grab up most exciting deals. You don't have to hold more and more mintme Bull token, Our services might be so cheap that even having mintme bull token in decimals "You can easily get so much of services from most of our projects."

18:03:21 18 Mar, 2023

Try it now !

19:03:23 17 Mar, 2023

You already know that Mintme Bull Has already pairs with BTC BNB USDC ETH and of course Mintme. But We also Got listed at 1000xswap, and you can swap anything to anything at 1000xswap. 1000xswap has 20+ tokens, that does means being listed there means we does have 20 + more pairs. This alone improves even more possiblities, Do the math, Do some calculations and compare both markets and improve your earnings with even more possiblities. We will try to surprise you with even more opportunities, just keep your eye on our next posts.