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The National Sod Credit is a Rebate or Rewards Token Earned From Purchases of Sod by Select Distributors. This token is currently only used off mintme for a redeemable token for a rebate referral. This token should not be bought for speculation until we release further updates. We had a transfer problem to customers from new mintme users without a wallet address for tokens. Until fixed we will have to hold off. No way to test the system and what new users see without tokens. We will be requesting further information how to utilize this token as planned. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please do not buy this token above 5! For the time being!

Recent posts

Update. Not much.

We want to thank you all for taking our free airdrops. We opened up a lot of accounts very fast. The future is currently taken back by end consumer complexities with being able to send tokens to a new user without them having a wallet to receive tokens. Since this is a rebate program the main function is to issue tokens to customers. Not for us to actually sell them any time soon there is no reason to buy from us! This doesn’t support prices until there is a sale to complete a customer order who didn’t want to sell and bought a few times and was issued many tokens. Concept is neat. And to complicated for a simple over the phone explanation currently. We seek a simpler solution, but think it will be more complex than we expected. Currently not much progress. Just one new customer to mintme. And we couldn’t even send them tokens. Just mintme coins. If we gave free tokens other than airdrops and you don’t want to wait burn them or return them.

Partial Pallet Redemption Now Offered!

One of our distributors has chosen to accept these tokens in partial pallet increments. The discount is less than full pallet redemption, to incentivize full pallet utilization, while still providing a discount for a reorders and utilizing Tokenized Sod System. 480 Tokens will now get you a $25 off an order while 4800 Tokens gets a full 480 sq ft pallet.

Updated Share Rewards to 1 Token Max.

We have crossed the 100 customer mark in terms of wallets and investors. We thank DogecoinX and EUBI for their kind words. Going forward we will have minimal share rewards and the airdrop volume will potentially slow down. What investors are really looking for is our customers to adapt to this new technology in a old school farming industry and for us to be the intermediary between customers and local farms. With this referral token you can purchase and exchange for many different types of grown locally in Multiple States. Update coming as Oregon now in.

National Sod’s Value & Updates

We will be modifying post and erasing post and writing new post to focus on the non crypto market to address more the function of this token as a rewards program less on the actual price. The value of this token is unique to limit buyers and sellers both using the rewards and trading them. The market will dictate but we assume we will try to buy them back eventually. We expect the price of this token to reach its trading price with adoption from more distributors across the USA. 🇺🇸 Each distributor works with multiple sod farms in each state then we connect multiple States in the United States. Our Goal Long Term Goal is to Connect this token to over 50% of the Sod Farms in the Nation in over 75% of the States! (Some Sod Farms are Difficult to Work with of course and Nevada, Hawaii, and Alaska not big sod states...)

Sales via Credit Card? Could Be Coming Soon!

We are considering a webpage to sell these tokens via credit card on a website. This would give us another form of payment we would still need to send them manually after order is processed on mintme.

National Sod says Let it Rain! Big Airdrop!

National Sod Has a Large Airdrop going on and one Share worth 10! So get 30 Tokens! These tokens have potential to be worth around their trade in value roughly 30-45 mintme each or 1000 mintme once 1 person decides to buy sod with them. We aren’t asking you to buy. Just collect the massive Airdrop and open a wallet be a All Star holder by asking high or fair or low. We will update as to developments and first issuance and things like that. Every time we issue Tokens, we WILL be bringing a NEW user to mintme! We thank you all and love the way our bids and asks look! Our customers will love having ask prices be able to purchases before ours!

We will slowly start raising our limit bids

We will slowly start raising our limit bids. This should allow for those who picked up airdrops and things to sell them for a profit if they wish. We think a majority of the airdrops and shares have been taken. We aren’t bidding against you, we just know the value of the Token we will have to Redeem later(4800 tokens for one 480 sq ft pallet of sod - roughly $300). We thank you all for your support!

Starting Expectations

We have already made a first connection and acceptor of this token in Washington. We expect for the next 6 months 99% issuance only for rebates and customer retention. Those tokens have potential to be sold down. The customers retaining their tokens may end up purchasing more tokens to complete an order. We don’t expect much of that until 2022 until rewards build up. We thank you for your support in holding and opening wallets, they do help. We do hope to bring new users to Mintme and introduce them to our supporters. Many thanks to DogecoinX, Bosstoken, EUBI, Tradecoin, and many others in investing in us! We hope soon you can provide those Tokens to our customers at a slight discount to our tokens giving our customers a discount and you guys a substantial profit!

National Sod Credit Paid $600 for Issuance!

We have just made payment to release 9600 tokens at $600 or 2 pallets worth of Tokens($700 value to us)! Unless you need grass in Washington State DO NOT Pay Retail For These Tokens! This is a sod rebate, sales, and customer retention program. You will need 4800 Tokens to Convert to 1x 480 square foot pallet.(6,000 for 600 sq ft pallet)

National Sod Credit Now Accepted by Washington Sod & Turf

Washington Sod and Turf will be the first and Washington State’s Only Token Redeeming Company for Sod. Terms: Washington Sod Will Start Taking National Sod Credit Tokens Immediately! Washington Sod Will Start Issuing Tokens as Rebate in September. The Exchange rate will be 4800 tokens per 480 sq ft pallet of sod. Must be Minimum 1 pallet. There will be a $79 Delivery Charge for the Product at that exchange rate. If ordering 2-3 pallets 4800 tokens would cover 1 pallet with no additional delivery as delivery is factored into the rest of the order. Washington Sod will issue these tokens at the rate of 1 token per square foot ordered. (480/pallet). These are Trial Conversion Rates. We are awarding you guys for knowing DogecoinX and we have 54 account holders in 3 days. We will only release about $350-$700 of tokens for free before we end that program. (5000-10,000 tokens). Since tokens will be purchasable soon, we will be floating a price slightly above conversion rate.

Expected Reward issuance to be between 5-10%

We are calculating rewards currently to conform with suppliers needs and cost basis. Most of this token is needed for just customers. DogecoinX suggested we Tokenize Our Platform. We are in development, current buy rating- high risk. (We pulled sales orders). This has no value without implementation. We suggest holding coins. Low limit buys and market make. Current value is 100% irrelevant don’t overpay. To have buyers multiple sales to the same person would need to occur. Most people would sell before buying more. Expect 6 months of suppressed prices maybe 9 months.

National Sod Token Now Has 2 Distributors Willing to Participate.

We have 2 Sod Suppliers Willing to Accept and Issue The National Sod Token as a Rewards in Washington and Oregon. Development Currently Underway! Pricing may adjust to supply if over 1500 customers have rewards. Pricing Underway. Current supply 3 million. Expected reward per pallet of sod to range from dollar value purchased or 1 token reward per square foot of sod. We are thinking redeemable rate would be 4,800- 10,000-tokens per $300-385 depending on supplier delivery cost and updated math. We will remove all sale orders until we figure it out.

Thank You DogecoinX!

DogecoinX has really pulled out a helping hand with Launching and finding a few holders! We are prepared to give away enough tokens to create a tradable market before we deploy our rewards system. We think this rewards system will bring different types of users to Mintme. Think grocery store rewards program that’s tradable to someone who needed it. The person that needs it may pay more than value of sod to complete the purchase. We are determining logistics of the coins and how many customers we could provide coins. We are thinking of this as more a stable coin that has tradable value under our ask.

National Sod Credit Now Available! Create Your Market By Airdrops and Shares

More info to come. This is a tradable Sod Credit. Works in Western United States and will Hopefully Be Used Nationwide as we develop. We do think finding traditional acceptance hard from retail customers we will attempt it going forward. 40 would be retail fair price for purchasing sod. There are 2 discounts to get started. Airdrops probably valuable on secondary market. No reason to buy these at 20 unless you live in Washington or Oregon. If so it’s half priced sod! 4800 sod tokens will be redeemable for $350 pallet of sod!