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PHZE Coin is a Social Token purposed for the integration of Blockchain and 5G Technologies into the Cannabis Industry Ecosystem. Serving as a vehicle to raise capital for the advancement of PHZE Technology will in turn add value to the coin. PHZE Cannabis Network our forward thinking Media/ Tech company on RokuTV is poised to become the epicenter for digital marketers. It is a niche platform created for Cannabis advertisers. Reimagining how broadcasting with 5G Technology infused into cutting-edge systems of the Crypto Industry, can best describe the PHZE model. Our technology is designed to systematically diversify the Cannabis Industry's flow of commerce for goods and services. It's unique data input enhances our digital identity capabilities for Programmatic advertising, allowing cannabis businesses to run effective digital ads on our network and utilize other products that will be offered after transactions with the PHZE Coin. We are fully integrated and pioneering the next phase of wireless commerce coupled with innovative communication devices through broadcast. "Getting skin in the game” by collaborating with established Cannabis brands, finding emerging talent in areas of potential interest in the canna industry will afford PHZE the opportunity to set itself apart from competitors “viral status” by broadcasting original programming like, "Dr. Z", "Cannabis Connoisseur", and “The Cannabis Shopping Network”. Then pairing it with licensed titles such as a “Half Baked”, a “Big Lebowski”, a “How High?”, or how about a timeless favorite like, Cheech and Chong’s, “Up in Smoke” or Ice Cube's "Friday's". We will fill the void in the Cannabis Industry after seed to sale by entertaining, educating, and informing the consumer while remaining compliant.

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PHZE Network penetrates the New York market in June 2022 Powered by PHZE Coin

PHZE is taking a bite outta the Big Apple!!! For all of our current investors, make sure to hold on to your coins and invite other investors to purchase their PHZE Tokens because we are excited about our parent company PHZE Cannabis Network's move into the immature Cannabis market of New York, NY. in June of 2022. Exciting times and opportunities are coming and we can't wait for the major changes to the entire company. Thank you for helping us move the needle toward our goals. Powered by PHZE Coin...


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The PHZE Network

The PHZE Network Air-Drop Coming Soon!

The PHZE Coin

Thanks to you all the PHZE Coin is fueling the coming of a cool and rewarding Air Drop! Over the past several days our token has been performing at a welcoming pace. But our work isn't done. Help us build on the momentum and refer a colleague, family member, or friend to hold the PHZE Coin. Let's Go!!!

The PHZE Network

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