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Based in Pittsburgh, pa . “The Pittsburgh digital firm -The utility of this coin is to allow any created crypto project to join our firm. The purpose of this coin is to create a good community of creators and get as many of created digital assets to join the firm. The value of this coin is coming from the firm created coins and other blockchain projects. ”

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This Project Only use Mintme

Contract Address - 0xEEA35140992E644612A495A7aCe7a675c950be71 Mintme Blockchain. Verified From CEO - 0x01cdff715f1496b46bcbcd8852224fa8adac48ec Ecosystem Contract Address-0x7BA9EA839267b4dc93625386173EE9d1d14564FB

Join our work group

You earn from learning about our ecosystem.

Project front page


Mintme Price Hike should help other projects

Best time to invest into different projects. I sold majority of them i need more mintme. We are preparing for our next major move

19,000 pdf coins withdraw

We are adding pdf to our firm coin. Firm coin is a amm (automated market maker. )

We are selling our coins with NFTs

Pittsburgh digital firm and Renegade will be listed on the NFT Marketplace using firm coin as a AMM automated market maker.

When we buy our coins back....

We are taking them off the exchange.

Our new Design

This Design is now our new logo for the project brand. Our old brand can now be purchase as a NFT.

Our Ecosystem

The projects are developing now I'm looking for a team to lead this company.

Want different Ecosystem projects in our portfolio?

We will trade you pittsburgh digital firm coins for our other projects. Comment below

Sell ur coin today but no liqudity

cant sell something with no buyers. Also you cant get a deal if your dropping price becuse people loose interest. No Liquidity i have here. Keep droping ur not getting your money to grow.

Join our ecosystem with your project.

Must Have these to join. A project that have purpose utility and value. A metamask Wallet and Trust Wallet. Brand Name

We are supporting local businesses.

This project growth is local business owners and also the Ecosystem.

City Whitepaper may lead partnership with citycoins.

Developing Cities with Blockchain.

BSV is now being used for liqudity

Also we are developing with them.

Our Project Front Page


Retail shop for Mintme Community- Renegade

On our Website we added a place where the Mintme Projects Owners can sell there project logo on our Retail Store.

We are Now adding Services to help the Mintme Blockchain and Community.

If your project is looking for this kind of Support please comment. Also send message or find Us on Twitter. @Pittcryptofirm

We added 2 more different projects

Bigperm and the Digital Exchange Pittsburgh projects was added to our ecosystem.

April is Seed Funding Month

With the Ecosystem Projects will need funding so we are seeking the funds for growth.

Its important to help other project owners

The swap is going consist of projects that are interested in joining. Ask to swap and we will have a deal.

I'm taking buy orders

There's 200,000 coins. We are looking for new buyers. It's worth the time.

Enter our Swap this will help your coin grow

Please Send your coin to This address : 0x83c2b508cb437d8152adbab17a39fc844c42c486 Give us Your name and Contract Address Which Blockchain your using. Any other questions please send email to Pittfirm@gmail.com

You can swap your project for our coins.

Must be the project owner and provide contract address.

Swap our coin with yours

We care about your project

You can swap this coin for our Ecosystem coins.

We are giving you a chance to own our other coins by swapping this coin .

We are hiring nft artists

You will receive 15,000 black trust coins as a sign up bonus. Please apply https://forms.gle/fJUiVAvtCL5bxoSR7

Come Look at our NFT store


Own our coin get incognito coin

It's your choice .

Send a waves exchange address Receive black Trust Coin

you will receive a black trust coin. Please message me or comment .

We submitted one of our projects on Coinmarketcap

One of Pittsburgh Digital Firm assets got listed on Coinmarketcap. Black Trust is the name. Im waiting for it to to added.

We are undervalue

You follow us and see our development. It's worth $10

Add us to ur portfolio

It's going be something cheap now but later it might b more

we only gained 3 holders in 5 Months

That is what you call fear and uncertainly.

We became a Waves Association Member

Our Company have became a member. This is something small but really big. We are Expanding our NFT and Gaming.

I just got a message from the sec for my crypto company.

I received information and referrals that's will help my company.

We are hosting a live event

We will give you the understanding of our ecosystem

Become a non ecosystem member,

You can join by applying and we will contact you when we review the application. The application can be found on the pittsburghdigitalfirm.com

Earn different crypto coins.

Message me

Looking for partners

Get to know us

We added elrond to our ecosystem

That's 12 coins. Also we got some partners and employees.

Our discord



I just submitted to exchanges. I talk to mintme creator as much as I can

we are developing a wallet for mintme.com

We are going make it easier compare to metamask

Submitted IEO to okex

2night we are submitting our IEO

Talking to Kucoin

We would love this to happen

CEX and Gate.io listing

We are hoping it goes through

Okex listing in the works

We are hoping it goes through

We are donating our coins to support our health care workers

We are a billion coin company and giving them 5 million to support there pay to workers

We reach 50 holders

We want a 1,000 wallets by 2022. This means progress and becoming known what are goals to be successful. We want 100 holders on here by 2022


This would be a dream for this firm. We are going work hard to make it happen.

We got incognito coins

Theres 3 of them . firm,renegade, pittsburgh digital firm . was created on august 3rd.

Become a whale.

Get ready by December we are releasing a market to sell this coin. Starting price is $5.00- $20 . We are having a leverage system to use this coin

We deposit 500,000 of my coins

Big deal is happening 250,000 coins

we bought 5 other coins

dodgecoin libas satang satoshi propertymillion

Up coming projects

1. Sell this coin on our website 2. Ico 3. Community building

We have our coin in incognito.

Its a no traceable coin. privacy at hand.There's 10 million of them

9 more crypto projects to go

The network is growing

I'm accepting 10 mintme projects

This acquisition is going benefit your project and the mintme ecosystem. Don't go exicint. Or another words nowhere.

We haven't been sleeping

We been working in the dark. Don't sleep on us.

Our website

Pittsburghcryptofirm.com this is where the price is heading towards this coin.

we see #1 on mintme coming

look at my past post and look at my development. we got utility, value and purpose.

our first meeting was great..

Found someone who is on the same page. we are looking for more employees

We are now hiring

We just hire someone and gave a 10 million dollar bonus.

3rd airdrop coming

Get ready and get these free tokens. hopefully we reach 100 holders soon


We are now a LLC and we are going find new investors and partners. Are official company is under pittsburgh digital firm LLC

theres only 1,288,161 coins on mintme

with all the airdrops and advertising we are only going deposit 100,000 a month on this blockchain. we will sell the 4,380,121 on our website. we only got 43 investors. we are going sell our coins for usdt,xrp,btc,eth,bnb so our success will come from our website. our website will be running asap

See the trade transaction.

That's why this coin drop in its price. You are playing with people money also your not going to succeed you selfish bastardsm

The website is temporarily down

Expect October to be running back to normal. There was no traffic at this point. Sorry to the inconvenience

Our coins

Pittsburgh digital firm and renegade from mintme.com firm from ethereum and black trust and liybit from the waves . Join our firm.

Pittsburgh digital firm going LLC

[Expect us getting bigger day by day

We didn't past our all time high yet

Our all time high is 1 mintme coin. We are in the top ten and never past our all time high. Also we don't got all our coins on the block chain either so we do see us as one of the best coins on mintme.

listed on blockspot.io

we are on blockspot.io meaning we are on a well known exchange

From 14th to 38th

What happen? We need more volume . still keep in mind the market changes everyday

Contract is coming soon..

We are going have contracts soon so cypto coins can work with us

Recap legal obligations

We are going continue trying to get all legal laws done so the firm wont have to be called a scam.

We are in. 14th place

This is a great sign that we are going be sucessful in the future. Thank you

Pools are being added

Those who invested with us will be rewared with diffrent coins. And 1,000 pittsburgh digital firm coins. Expect to go on the website soon. We are going feature that.

we apply for 5 different exchanges

we are hoping someone will accept us.

Earn free coins from waves exchange.

All u gotta do is setup a account and get Some liybit and blacktrust coins. Just send me the address. Its fucking free

partnerships comment now

we are looking for partners. dont miss out on this chance. i dont care bout usd,btc,eth,mintme coins. WE want partners.

partnerships are important to us.

business can be alot easier for more to be in a group instead of alone, Everyone can contribute to achieve more, Also everyone on mintme is trying to become on coin marketcap or coin gecko to become a top crypto. Pittsburgh digital firm is getting a army of different crypto coins to become a top digital firm.

Our new logo

Enjoy our new look

Our last day on mintme.com

On sept 12th is the last day on mintme.com. we set our last amount of coins at 10mintme per coin with 75,000 coins. If they arent taken on here they will be transfer to a account that will sell them for usd.

Sell our coins for usd go to pittsburghdigitalfirm.com

Be the first to have sell orders on our website for usd and let new investors pay you. Remeber its just begining .

Remember there will be changes if needed

We are working on it day by day.

Be first to join our firm.

We are going to look for partnerships 2marrow by email, phone, twitter.

Go to pittsburghdigitalfirm.com

We have our we website almost done. Please feel free if intrested. Also if u want to add ur coin to it please email me @pittsburghdigitalassetfirm.com.

I put alot of effort into my coin

I been watching the crypto market . i would love to do trading but i dont wanna loose what i gain. I gain alomst 50% of what i lost from margin trading. Its really hard not to get in. I went short when the market was goin up and i successfully sell on the perfect time

Our website is at 50% done

We almost got our website done. We have most of the tokens on its pages. I try to use square pos tool. It wont take purchases but we got our online store running. I been showing friends my website. I wont have the name of the site on here till its completed. We will be done by the end of the month. Next month will be when i start selling the coins face to face or online.

Feed back on our coin is wanted

Please comment and let us know

We are making it simple to own our coin.

Also we are developing a way to buy and sell our coin with different coins.

Drama on this blockchain

Theres no excuse why our coin drop in the price. So we got people selling low? Remember i got the majority of my coin. I control whos buying it. Mintme coins are not worth 1 usd or more.

get our coin in incognito

get 50 of our coins in incognito , for more details leave it in the comments below

Filing a license to sell

This month goal is to sell our coins on the street

Our coin addition

We have our crypto coin in privacy .

Hodl this coin

Becuse we are soon going to sell it more than mintme coins. Mintme is a good coin to have .

Where we are at now?

Right now we are goin release our white paper . we are goin to be goin live soon. Also we are soon goin buy certain coins .

We are doing Legal steps

In order to go through exchanges we are currently goin the sec. We may fall under the security token . We are going to work with lawmakers .

Breaking news !!!

We are getting ready for august. We are ready for big moves ahead

asking all investors for support.

right now im applying this coin on exchanges. if you really believe in this coin or wanna support it please make a comment below

Today we are going on social media

youtube , facebook , twitter accounts will be done today.

Ico is in process

we are finally filling out ico applications .

Goal Completed

we have finally finish payments solution on the website. we now need to get our coin on people wallets

does anyone own any digital assets?

If so add pittsburgh digital firm coin to your portfolio

attention to all mintme investors

asking all mintme investors to own atleast 1 coin...

Im dedicated to my goals and my project

I stayed up all night dealing with the payment solutions to my coin....

our goal by august 1st

Is to reach around 0.10 mintme coins . this is reasonable price becuse alot f people like this coin. we really think this project is going somewhere. we move up spots since we launch on mintme.com. i really believe the process we made was alot. we are working as hard as we can to acheive our goals. thank you investors. we have past 50 for people that hold this coin. thats alot in a small time frame. Our true value will begin once the time is right.

Temporary shutdown

Our coins will not leave our wallet till august.

8 days till august

August will be a major pivot point in the crypto space . Also our coin will play a major role for the future of the coin.

Another 2 million coins

We have. Withdrawl another 2 million coins. Investors dont panic any added coins will be sold in this market. Right now we recieve 100 a day today we sold 20000 .


We have successfully send our coin out to a different wallet. 2 million of our coins have left this blockchain. Our next goal is to get it up on our website for retail purchase

We are going to social media

We will begin to have a social media account by the 24th of july. We will also have a youtube account .

Our New asset FIRM

We have now created a new asset called FIRM. Theres only 10,000 of these coins . my goal is to keep 3,000 . sell 2,000 to people in pittsburgh. 5,000 will be sold on the website to others who are intersted. this coin is the key to pittsburgh digital firm.

adding tokens

we are adding leverage tokens to our assets. we are thinking the bull market may pick up in a couple of months

only 800,000 left

we are only giving 800,000 more on mintme.com .better hodl this token before its on our website. august is going be our coin real test to become a powerful coin in the crypto space

As of 7/20

We are moving up in rank. Also with holders. Thank you

Our assets

We are currently trying to create a $500,000 market cap before 2022 . 50% will to buy digital assets .

August retail investors

In august we are selling 2million coins to retail investors in pittsburgh, pa . we are hoping the value for each coin will peak. Just hodl for the long term.


We are currently trying to send our coins to a website. We are developing a way to get coins on our site to sell to investors

ticket symbol

Firm: is our ticket symbol. we are trying to get it publish

july goals

We are going to try to finish our website. set up social platforms. get our token listed

as of right now

This will be our logo for now. we may modify it if it needs it. please tell us if we need it change

Logo will be display on the 18th

Get ready investors logo will be coming out and you can rock out the t'shirt

Earn 500000 coins

To donate a thousand dollars for the project. Im only accepting 3 people. Also to have a 1 year contract for the coin project. Join the team... Usdc address :0xc127be2c62a683c98bec12aefa74d19c338b7ef4:

Earn 500000 coins

Im looking for someone who can teach me how to send my coin to my own wallet . also to have people to buy my coin on a website instead of going to mintme.com to buy it.

introduction change

we change some of our introduction detail so we can have it paste to our website.

No more take backs

We are no longer buying our own coin from sellers . Next time we are selling more of our coin is in august. Theres around 2 million coins now in investors hands. We are hodling till august to see if we can increase our price. Thank you all investors for hodling our coin. We are building our coin in all areas.

Our assets we hold right now

1.xrp 2. Ltc 3. Egld 4.link 5. Dot 6. Vet 7. Dexkit 8. 1inch

We are Buying your coins!!!!

In august we will be buy 5 assets from mintme.com . we are looking for good tokenomics and future with there coin... Goodluck we are holding 5 coins in august . in december we will be holding 10 coins.

Advice for trading this coin

I understand if your trying to make money on this coin. Advice is to hodl it becuse this coin is not out to the retail or insitution investors yet. When big money floods the coin atmoshpere theres no limit where this coin can go in value. Advice is to buy it at a reasonable price. I would love to have atleast 3 to 5 top coin hodlers . i would love to work with others to have there coin as part of the pittsburgh digital firm .

As of 7/14/2021

The domain name for my wallet is pittsburgh-digital-assets-firm.wallet. Also in the working on the website . pittsburghdigitalfirm.com

Token purchasing

Everytime you share this message, you will receive 100 coins. We would like to have 2 million coins in circulation by august 13th 2021.

Expanding the horizon

jobs and development

pittsburgh digital firm introduction

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