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Pornstarz collectibles are individually numbered NFT's on the OpenSea platform. Launch of the Pornstarz token will now take place end of July 2022 on Uniswap, with a new website launch coming on

Created on:
20 Sep 2021
Release period:
10 year(s)
Hourly installment:
Already released:
4 345 069.5433
Not yet released:
5 654 930.4566
Wallet on exchange:
651 581.8318
Active orders:
3 097 459.9356
Sold on the market:
Direct buy volume:
Latest News
13:10:27 10 Oct, 2021

Token image now finalised and shown on Mintme, also featured on The token shows in digital wallets as Pornstarz but the branding will be known as Token Z. We are planning to launch on Uniswap after the whitepaper is published

16:10:48 05 Oct, 2021

We are giving away one limited edition NFT on 18th October. See our add on Twitter

19:10:44 01 Oct, 2021

Our new account is

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