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After our partnership with pittsburgh digital firm, We are now being used for the online store for the We are used for the store as its own currency and will be use only on there for the purpose of the online store. There will be a exchsnge to convert any other currency to the renegade coin to be use for the store.

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We did our first 10x transaction

We gave Satoshi their 10x coins . We are asking for more to send out.

Buy our coins and get more coins

You will earn 1000 coins. All you gotta do is send me the deposit address. If any questions please comment

We are going live

We are taking some coins off the block chain to sell it to people on the streets

We are going advertise on here

We are looking for new investors.

We are going to find retail vendors

Becuse we are ready for small business to use our coins

Our partner

Pittsburgh digital firm is launching and letting investors know they are live. We are on it too. Find us and become the firm partner.

Do anyone want some free coins?

Ill give some0ne 1000 of my coins if anyone get someone to buy 100 coins on the website.if intrested comment below

own 25 of these coins now

We got a million coins

Hold them now

A better community

Please share to people you know.

This month

We are going to improve everything for our coin. New model

Earn a 100 tokens

All you need to do is have atleast 25 of my coins and u can earn 100

Free tokens

Discount today

Its at 0.50 per mintme coin

Partners in crypto

We are partnering with pittsburghdigitalfirm


We are going file a ico . we are ready to leave this blockchain and be in other exchanges for trading

Our goals

1)To become a reliable retail coin. 2) to have a solid team 3) solid crypto community

Top 50 on mintme

We are proud about being in the top 50 on please follow us day by day on our development.

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