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Retrocoin Trade

Anyone wishing to trade Retrocoin Mintme for retrocoin on the stellar blockchain please contact me.

Retrocoin UK Stellar Update

Retrocoin UK is now live on the Stellar Blockchain. I have placed mintme buyback on the site so you can all cash in your retrocoin.

Mintme available to buyback Retrocoin.

I have put up mintmen to buyback any retrocoin.

Retrocoin will be moving....

All retrocoin is moving... The allocated retrocoin within this platform will stay within this platform. Due to the realisation of any cost of converting retrocoin back to FIAT it is not economical for anyone to sell any of retro items in mintme : retrocoin. This makes the operating model of Retrocoin within the mintme platform being used to sell items for our users no viable. They would not be able to sell 20 games from a collection and return anything back to FIAT should they wish to. This will limit the Operation of the coin outside trading within mintme.

All my mintme available to buy back retrocoin.

All. After trying to withdraw ether from Mintme, with a charge of £47 for one transaction. I have decided to use all the available mintme coin to offer back to anyone who wants to sell retrocoin back.

Latest airdrop.

To increase the holders of retrocoin and to align with the new venture into online retro gaming the latest airdrop will give you 100 retrocoin. All I can say is keep hold of your retrocoin, exciting times ahead.

Products Behind the Coin : I Cryptomania Game C64

Retrocoin is designed to be used. This will benefit all traders and holders. The 3rd Game is being developed for the Commodore 64 system and will be re-coded for the ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, Commodore 16 and Vic 20. It will be a crypto trading game in the style of elite. The game will be available for electronic download and be priced in Retrocoin. This will require purchasers to obtain retrocoin. A ltd Edition of 20 physical Disk Version will be available for the computer museums and hard core collectors again only available for purchase via Retrocoin. The initial offerings will be to add value and credibility to the coin.

Thank you all so far. Its all going well.

I am glad that a lot of the initial main core users of mintme have grabbed some tokens at the initial prices. The next phase is for the coin to be accepted for purchases. This will require a value to be set on the coin initially based on the products that will be sold. This will enable the retro community to gain confidence in coin as a transactional tool. We are currently going through a valuation phase . A typical Commodore 64 cassette basic games sells for £2-4 or $3-5 Dollars. Part of a huge investment to establish a base price will be the injection of £3000 worth of retro computer games to be made available for purchase by retrocoin. The initial offering of these titles will be limited to X per user.

Getting ready for blockchain deployment....

The eth is in the wallet. Will be trading it for Mintme. Once enough trades done then it will be released to the blockchain...

Retrocoin and 8bitsquad link up

8bitsquad will be releasing a series of 100 8bit sprite nfts. Although they will not immediately be available for purchase via retrocoin. A series of 10 Ltd sprites will be produced and assigned to retrocoin control. Keep checking the posts.

Classic Game recreated : Drug Wars to be 1st Retrocoin Download.

The original game drug wars for the IBM computer now converted to run on the Commodore 64. This will also run on the new commodore 64 mini and the brand new "the C64" full size version. This game will be the 1st one released to be downloaded by retrocoin holders free of charge. The downloads will be available to coincide when retrocoin is released to the blockchain.