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SHXconnect Coin "We are Cryptocurrency." Our company is working on a platform to store digital wallets. And your phrase. Millions of dollars of cryptocurrencies are officially gone. Never to be recovered. Because of wallet and phrase being misplaced. Here at SHXconnect. We are the solution. Listen to the entertaining jingles and chimes as you navigate the features. You will be rocking as your secured. We are a tech company that's also Everything Music- Invest in a movement. Financial security, Charity and musical education are our key fundamentals. Here at SHXconnect crypto everything becomes like a melody.

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BTC 4 Holders

El Salvador officially except Bitcoin as currency. We at SHX buy. Back in BTC for holders.

EL-Salvador BTC

EL Salvador now except bitcoin as official currency. We at SHX only deal in BTC. We will buying holders in BTC. As we've been doing to non block chain tokens. Launching the "Block chain launch initiative."

ADA on the Rise

SHXconnect supports and. Send congratulations to ADA making history on the stock market. Trading at $2.7

Only token BTC

We are the only token giving out BTC. Were the only token with one token as we are financial stable and don't need to. Were not just giving to anybody. Set our prices right. As we got BTC. The only token.

Set at 1mintme

To participate in the BTC buy back initiative. Holders have to set the true value. Anything under 1mintme. Is not true value of SHX. BTC is how you get to the block chain.

Trading on UPHOLD!

Image in the link: In communications with uphold. A stock trading app. Everything looks good. Integration of technology is in the works. Ultimately SHXconnect trading as company on their market. Click link to see conversation.


Will be purchasing holders tokens with BTC. Thank you. You all are "Global SHX holder's" Elite's ahead of your time.


Big change's are coming. Buy SHX now! While there is still time.

We're hiring!

Looking for developers. Doesn't matter country or geological location. We'll work verbal/free lancing agreement. Paid through paypal. For developing fullystack codes such as jnode npm C# C+ C++ or xtml CSS for crypto Apply online @:with this link: HR will email you back on our official SHX-employment email.

BTC incentive.

***For our holders*** Once a moth for big holders. Once a week for small accounts. Must be at least a min of 0.000001 BTC for small accounts. Big accounts not to exceed 0.001 BTC.


For our HOLDERS!. We are going to purchase 10%-35% wroth in your token, what you hold of SHX tokens. Back in BTC. So if you hold 100shx were going to by 35 of your tokens. In BTC. Perks of joining the SHXconnect family Visit or website to show presence and look out for contests to be awarded Mintme and BTC. Percentage is case by case bases. 55 holders. One case handled a week.


AMC theaters now to except BTC. For payment. Invest in SHXconnect. You first movie date could be on us.

1,000shx Backed by BTC wroth 0.001 each!!!!

SHXconnect We are complete. 1,000 tokens 3d printed with QR codes with linked to BTC backed wroth 0.001. We have investors informed and lined up. Thank you holders. We are going to bridge you soon to SHX platforms.

New is the word for our holders.

Website will be back online soon. We conducted a full over haul. We have grown in our holdings of BTC. Invest now. New unique features added to our website. were hosting a business meeting Saturday that will bring a great shift to SHX, moving or E-wallet storing to our own personal servers. Added extra security to your E-wallets and pharse. A special Thank you for our holders and investors. You are the heart and soul of SHX.


SHX is now officially released on the block chain. All tokens purchased WALLET to WALLET is backed by BITCOIN. We will be announcing on our website RATES. Special thank you to our holders. The heart beat that drives the rhythm of School House Rock Coin

Today is the big day

We at SHX are happy to announce we put in and paid the 47,000 mint to hit the block chain. Any minute now....

Thursday morning Block Chain Event

Here at SHXconnect we've been and will continue purchasing and storing Bitcoin. We have enough to move forward with the steps to make us official and a strong cryptocurrency. We will be having a contest to give away first 100 (Bitcoin redeemable) SHX coins. Thank you all as you are the heart beat that drives the tune of SHXconnect Coin.

Delete and raise sell orders

Those who hold SHX coin and want to benefit in us backing it with Fractions of Bitcoin. Delete your sell orders and raise the price to 1 dollar. Because of the price's you holders are setting We will be selling wallet to wallet. On our personal official website. And ONLY with proof of wallet to wallet. Can bit coin be redeemed. But if a turn around happens here on prices. Negotiations can be revisited on excepting SHX Coin from the site. As of now. No Tokens from this site will be bitcoin redeemable. A non related Special thanks and shout out to our biggest holders MOTH and a special thank you to MoonMarsMan Thank you for your support.

SHX will be backed by....

Coming july 5th. When SHX hit the block chain. Every coin purchase wallet to wallet will be backed by fractions of bitcoin. We are true cryptocurrency.


Big News For the SHX investors. Big changes are happening and are to come. Thank you for being the heart and soul.

Great news!

SHX will be hitting the block chain july 5th. A special Thank you to the team at School House Rock cryptocurrency exchange.

The market your protected from.

Here at SHX we've been watching the crpto market. We have securities in place to protect or investors. As we are a physical company. Invest with us. Stay invested. As you are protected.

Thank you Coin Holders

Your truly are investing into a great company. our team of 6. Is as gold as family. Thank you and please continue to support and profit.

06/03/2021 meeting.

Today our team of six. Met today to discuss progress. SHX Coin is healthy. The website upgrades. Are in progress. Everything is on course. Thank you early investors. You are the heart and soul of SHX COIN.

Added revolutionary features

SHX Coin! Were constructing our website to have unique features that will stand above the world of crypto-currencies

SHX is a team of 6

2 developers. 4 investors. 6 in total dedicated members thriving to meet expectations.

School House Rock Crypto. Why invest?

Everything Music- Invest in a movement. financial security, Charity and education are our key fundamentals. Here at School house rock crypto everything becomes like a melody. How we execute our mission.

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