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EVERY PEARL NEEDS A SHELL ________________________________________ Take a few easy steps to make your project bright: 1. Contact the designer and get feedback Telegram @shellser E-mail ______________ 2. Buy tokens ______________ 3. Send SHELLS to the address 0x77E9969BBf8171c75d30290Bc15a75BD71730299 ______________ ✔ Your project shines! ________________________________________ You should buy SHELLS • If you are the project Creator. Whether you have a token or any business, professional design from SHELLS will help you convey the essence of your project to the target audience. ______________ • If you are a trader. Buy when the price of design from SHELLS is undervalued and sell when it is overestimated. You help find a fair price and make a profit. ______________ • If you want to make a gift. Did your friend create a token? You bought tokens for a promising project, but the Creator does not pay attention to good branding? Make a gift by sending tokens to their mintme wallet. ________________________________________ Some information about the token • Maximum supply: 10,000,000 SHELLS • Used tokens are burned. Over time, shell tokens will become increasingly scarce. • Buy-back. If you change your mind about making an order, just sell tokens. There is always liquidity. • The price for basic services is always fixed. If you now have enough tokens to pay for the service, it will be enough in N years, regardless of how much 1 token will cost and how much the SHELLS project will grow. ________________________________________ PRICING MINI 1 logo option. Basic Logo Guideline. Primary Color Palette. 10,000 SHELLS ______________ BASIC 3 unique logo options. You can make up to 10 edits. Basic Logo Guideline. Primary Color Palette. 20,000 SHELLS ______________ MAXI 5 logo options, up to 30 edits. Visual brand identity. 90,000 SHELLS ________________________________________ Prices for many other services - on an individual request. Graphic design. Motion design. Web design. 3D. ________________________________________ LINKS: PORTFOLIO ______________ Token contract address ______________ Chat ______________ Announcement

Recent posts

Temporary measures

Liquidity for buying and selling has been temporarily removed from the exchange due to high risks in these difficult times. This project continues to work.

2nd Token Burning

As part of the cooperation between SHELLS and 1000x, work was carried out on the development of 10 exclusive copyright NFTs. As always, the Shells tokens (5,000 SHELLS) used as payment were burned by a transaction to the address 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000001 [p][/p] link in explorer [p][/p]

1st Token Burning

The first burning of used SHELLS tokens was carried out. 30,000 tokens received from the sale of the painting were withdrawn from circulation by sending to an inaccessible address 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000001 [p][/p] link in explorer [p][/p]

7,200,000 blocks of winter

The first art from SHELLS. Open auction. Details are in [p][/p]


Dear investors and traders, today significant improvements have been made to the economic policy of the SHELLS. [p][/p] Development fund created (address 0x77E9969BBf8171c75d30290Bc15a75BD71730299). [p][/p] 8m out of 10m tokens were transferred to this address - these tokens will be blocked for and will be burned when liquid tokens are used. The exception is the listing of SHELLS on new exchanges (When listing SHELLS on a new exchange, up to 1m tokens will be unlocked and sent to the corresponding exchange address. The liquidity of SHELLS tokens on the exchange will never exceed 2m tokens)

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