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Silvering token(SLVG) was listed on MEW Wallet
09:06:25 14 Jun, 2021

Silvering token(SLVG) was listed on MEW Wallet.

SILVERING TOKEN (SLVG) [/url] Our parent company EUB Insurance LLC ERC20 token Silvering token (SLVG) was listed on TRUST Wallet (official cryptocurrency wallet of Binance), and on MEW Wallet. Contract address Total supply: 6220695.32 SLVG Circulation supply: 10000 SLVG Each Silvering token in circulation supply has 100% real silver coverage! 1 SLVG = 0.5 g .9999 purity silver 62.2069536 SLVG = 1 oz .9999 purity silver

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05 Mar 2021
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8 132.1355
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13:10:36 01 Oct, 2021

For EUBI, PRSS, Silvering, CLICK, bEUBI holders and for bEUBI Pancakeswap pool LP token holders. Today monthly payout was: 43529 MintMe and 0.088 BSC Total worth in USD = 205.8 USD!!!

16:09:58 29 Sep, 2021

The balance of the token holders (EUBI, bEUBI, SILVERING, PRSS, CLICK) will be checked by 9 am that day and based on this we will transfer the amounts to the MintMe wallet addresses provided (for 50+ bEUBI token holders in BSC will be payed).

16:09:11 01 Sep, 2021

Today, 53,150 MintMe and 0.003532 BSC were paid out as part of this month’s profit share program.

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