Satoshi was born from the idea of creating a new website to be able to exchange our tokens directly between users as well as to be able to trade with other fashionable cryptos, thus being able to increase all our capital and investments. And also thus directly help mintme to increase its value powerfully. First stage was to go up to deploy to satoshi. The second stage is to promote the sale and purchase of satoshi. The third stage is the creation of the web exchange for our deploy tokens. The fourth stage is to let the tokens flow and among the entire community look for new members on all the crypto pages or groups in the world. It is an extremely ambitious project for the benefit of all. I look forward to your collaborations. If you bet on SATOSHI, you will add chances to your future in crypto. Anyone who wants to be part of the satoshi team. We need programmers, designers And analysts. To enter the team a donation of 50,000 MINTME is required. Satoshi nació de la idea de crear una nueva web para poder intercambiar nuestros token directamente entre los usuarios así como también poder hacer trader con otras criptos de moda, Así poder aumentar todos nuestros capitales y inversiones. Y también así ayudar directamente a mintme a aumentar su valor poderosamente. Primer etapa era subir a deploy a satoshi. La segunda etapa es promover la venta y compra de satoshi. La tercer etapa es la creación de la web exchange para nuestros token de deploy. La cuarta etapa es dejar fluir los token y entre toda la comunidad buscar nuevos miembros en todas las páginas o grupos de criptos del mundo. Es un proyecto sumamente ambicioso para el beneficio de todo. Espero sus colaboraciones. Si apostas a SATOSHI es sumar chances a tu futuro en la cripto. Cualquier persona que quiera ser parte del team de satoshi. Necesitamos programadores, diseñadores Y analistas. Para entrar al equipo se requiere una donación de 50 000 MINTME.

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12 Dec 2020
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10 000 000.0000
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16:12:14 11 Dec, 2021

good morning investors. I have the pleasant news that the new token exchange website is almost ready. we need to pay the last expenses. We are going to put the last 1,000,000 satoshi up for sale. We need your support now more than ever. once the funds are raised. The web will be available within 15 business days once the published satoshis are sold

04:08:47 22 Aug, 2021

we are a little absent lately in the tracking of the token, we are very busy in the new web. of SATOSHISWAP. very soon you will be able to exchange your satoshi for other tokens directly. I want to tell you that the most benefited with the new website will be investors who have more than 500,000 sashis. We are going to have a special section for all investor users who have more than 500,000 satoshis in their portfolio. We estimate that the new website would be ready in a few months.

19:08:45 11 Aug, 2021

the best time to buy satoshi that time, when the stock runs out we will continue to climb up. very soon I calculate that we will arrive 0.1

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