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The SCOTTIECOIN is a Self Mining Token and a South Carolina native CryptoAsset member of the Scott Rich Network family. We are currently striving to redefine finance as well as enhance and nurture the roots of our foundation, so that the leaves of our branches may aim to enhance the lives of people worldwide. We look forward to joining the Ethereum, Binance, and MintMe blockchain networks. We also look forward to having our coins featured on Metamask, PancakeSwap and more exchanges to list very soon. This token is designed to not only have exclusive NFT content that is 100% original, but it is programmed to maintain strong blockchain security, network stability enabling faster and safer transactions throughout the blockchain. Each SCOTTIECOIN is closely monitored and gains power in value through activity. Join Scott Rich Networks in the introduction of the SCOTTIECOIN and be apart of the beginning of a revolutionary future! Currently we have lowered the market price for inquiring investors and donating entities who haven’t yet experienced the powerful capabilities of the Scottiecoin. We are still working to continue to spread our reach far and wide to every community we can and updates the airdrop list for our token holders are checked and recorded everyday. The expected boost for the pump and dump is November 3rd 2021. We plan on surging the network with contracts that will allow us to change lives instantaneously. Get ready and make sure you’re prepared for the BOOM and the filling airdrop! Submit your wallet addresses and usernames to the email in the message that only token holders can view. Your wallets will be fed with Scottiecoin if you are one of the first 100,000 holders to our mission to 100,000,000 holders! Every 100th token holder on our top holders list will qualify for a 10000 coin airdrop! First 100 participants on the list will receive 100,000 Scottiecoin and the following 400 people will qualify for 10,000 Scottiecoin. Our 1 MILLIONTH TOKEN HOLDER WILL RECIEVE 1,000,000 Scottiecoin as a showmanship of our appreciation. There will be many rewards to many of our holders simply for participation after the November BOOM! Be Sure To Welcome Our Newest Entity The PUFFERCOIN available now and soon expected to be on the Binance Smart Chain and PancakeSwap!! Collect and HODL Now!!! Stay tuned for more updates.

Created on:
08 Aug 2021
Release period:
1 year(s)
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Already released:
9 998 858.1021
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1 141.8978
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6 719 123.7742
Active orders:
209 093.0000
1 000 000.0000
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819 251.0523
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13:11:07 04 Nov, 2021

Scottiecoin is now featured on the Nomics exchange! You can check the details at to keep up with the price changes! We still need to verify our token but we are working hard everyday towards success. Feel free to contact and don’t forget to wish him a happy birthday!

13:11:57 04 Nov, 2021

As we work to complete our goals to become extensive in reach, we would like our supporters to get as much SCTE as they can. The boom is happening this week ! It is the Founding creators birthday on November 6, so to celebrate we are taking donations and will be having a crypto bon fire by burning 1 million Scottiecoins! Donations are welcomed and highly appreciated! Next week we will have a drawing between our holders and a lucky person will receive 150,000 free Scottiecoins! I would like Scruffy42 from Github to contact me for personal reasons if anyone can contact him or assist him in the final detail completions for Scottiecoin. You will be greatly rewarded! Hodl Now! And stay tuned to updates.

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