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Nothing to help current investors. Its only bring new investors in and throw them on a blockchain they can actually use. Unlike previous investors that sit here and wait.... Its time for the coins deployed on the MINTME blockchain unite!!! This is bullcrap and our coins will be worth squat!!!

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Just letting you know where/what will be the next gainer. If you listen to the top people in crypto right now you might want to get involved with Pirate Chain [url=][/url] At 50 cents it a steal right now. Just getting it out there. As far as the other coins go I am in the process of buying my own exchange. This market is too tightly knitted and there is no room to breath and no way to expand your market and you lose interest. We have more to come.

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[url=][/url] New Airdrop system like Coinbase. Earn 20 in ENA today. And it looks like they have some good Drops coming soon.

Post 2940 60 dollar airdrop.

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