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Sprug ; Welcome to the future! The objectives of this token 1. create a primary agent of exchange of services and goods. 2. finance and empower self sustaining societies which seek to opperate minimal reliance on local and state resources. (power,water,etc.) (off the grid city) 3. provide a information exchange via posts and voting opportunities on the official mint me token page. Sustainable cities, urban sustainability, or eco-city (also ecocity) is a city designed with consideration for social, economic, environmental impact (commonly referred to as the triple bottom line), and resilient habitat for existing populations, without compromising the ability of future generations. the need for such cities is ever growing.

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We need your help!

Sprug needs your help to make a useful crypto economy, you can help by accepting sprug as payment or offer sprug as payment!

Sprug launches RadioStation

Sprug has officially launched a radio station called liliput radio come check it out! [url=]https://sites.google.com/view/liliputradio/home[/url]

Sprug Crash !

Sprug slides back into 30/124 on the block chain as well as holds a value of .89 mintme, the official team of Sprug have no information at this time of what caused the crash however it does have them concerned. The Technical Director had this to say " while yes we are concerned about the crash we need to remember that with projects as large as ours, there are ups and downs we might look back at this and realize that it wasn't as big of a deal as it's made out to be today."

Sprug starts to cool off !

According to information gathered on the trade tab, the value of Sprug has dropped to .89 Mintme. This shows that Sprug is seeing a natural cool off period, however the Sprug team is taking advantage of this to concentrate on other projects while Sprug is in this cool off state.

Sprug official stats

#30/124 tokens deployed to the block chain! Value is .98 Mintme or $(0.00)627904 US Dollar Sprug is developing some interesting things come check us out at our discord page ! https://discord.gg/Mc5USUs4Yr

NEW Things for Sprug coming soon.

Sprug is brining new things forward with high level of innovation and energy including a market/exchange where you can spend your Sprug on items and services provided by Sprug!

#29 /124

Sprug is now #29 out of 124 deployed tokens !

Off the exchange news!

Sprug has had a 5$ and 30$ donation off of the Mintme exchange website! even though these donations do not add direct value to Sprug , the indirect value that these donations add allow us to get a tiny bit closer to technologies that enable us to offer more and better services and products created for Sprug to bring us closer to our ultimate goals highlighted in the description.

Mining Equipment Needed $2000

Sprug is looking for donations and sprug purchases to facilitate the purchase of MintMe coin mining equipment to help fund other projects and objectives. The total sum in USD that we are looking to raise is $2000

SPRUG is #32 on the block chain

Sprug is now in position 32 on the block chain the current value is $ 0.00763109

Buy 100 at price and get 10 free

There is currently a special going on buy 100 sprug at 10 mintme per sprug and get 10 sprug free!

In the beginning ...

[h6]In the beginning[/h6] Mint me wasn't even known to us when we first began this venture to create a ecocity/ self sustained city, we'd tried various funding options and methods to produce the necessary results with lots of failure, finding Mint Me was destiny for us, as this would provide multiple tools in one token.

SMILE for 2,000

SMILE has purchased over 2,000 Sprug, thankyou for an amazing purchase.

Launching to the BlockChain!

Big News ! Sprug is officially launching to the MintMe BlockChain !


For one week starting tonight is a 100 sprug for 100 people airdrop! sharing this post will earn an additional 30 sprug!

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