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Trade History TREE Industries is an emerging technology company that specializes in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT, AR, and VR with a focus on open source and privacy centered products and services. In addition to creating our own products and services, TREE Industries is dedicated to contributing to open source projects within emerging technologies. The TREE Token is give a way anyone can contribute to open source and democratic AI. This is because the TREE token will be used directly to help fund our open source projects. The more success our token has the more time our team will be able to dedicate towards building emerging technology solutions that are accessible to everyone. These projects include things like skills for the open source AI platform Mycroft AI, Unity powered AI avatars that integrate with Mycroft AI, and our smart assistant for education EZRA. Github Page: 3D Avatar App: Ultimate Disc Golf Video game: TREE Token Roadmap Phase 1 - Current Phase During the first phase TREE tokens will be sold from 0.1 to .5 MintMe until the first 5 million tokens have been sold. We will be limiting sell orders to a few thousand tokens at a time as to not flood the market. Airdrops will occur periodically when we have a big release or project that comes out. This could be an open source project or one of our commercial projects. Phase 2 Once 5 million tokens have been sold at a discounted price, we will slowly begin to increase the price of our sell orders while also selling less tokens overall. This will reward early adopters who choose to support us early and hold our tokens. Phase 3 The goal for phase 3 will be to continue trickling TREE tokens out to the market, while mostly focusing on better rewards for token holders. This includes eventually being able to purchase certain products and services from us using TREE tokens. The conversion rate when purchasing products using our token will go by the current market price of the TREE token. This will reward our early supporters and those that buy the token early since their tokens will have greater purchasing power with TREE the higher the token price becomes.

Created on:
04 Jun 2019
Release period:
1 year(s)
Hourly installment:
Already released:
10 000 000.0000
Not yet released:
Wallet on exchange:
7 961 578.0409
Active orders:
1 035 821.0000
10 000.0000
Sold on the market:
1 030 038.2301
Direct buy volume:
1 054
Latest News
18:08:59 08 Aug, 2022

As a company that is involved in many different projects with AI, Virtual Beings, and Gaming tech we get access to all kinds of cool tools that are in alpha and beta. We currently have access to the Stable Diffusion AI art generation Discord beta. As a way to have some fun and encourage new holder for our token anyone who donates 500 TREE tokens this week can message us a prompt request and we'll run it through Stable Diffusion and send you the generated art. Not sure how to generate a good piece of art? Here is some good info to get you started. The only rules are the tokens must be purchased after this post is published and before Friday, August 12th and the request must be PG rated (no exceptions :D) Have fun, and we can't wait to see what you all create.

16:02:01 17 Feb, 2022

When it comes to the "Metaverse" one of the biggest words being thrown around is "interoperability". Which can mean a lot of things but a basic example is having an avatar that you can take with you across multiple apps / games. Ready Player Me is a great example of this, and we wanted to see exactly what we could do with them in one evening. This video shows the progress of taking the RPM mesh and animating it using AI, using auto-rigging and auto-physics for clean-up, and finally loading the RPM avatars on the fly inside Unreal Engine with the custom dance animation. Technology used: Deepmotion AI - Cascadeur - ReadyPlayerMe Avatars -

16:02:48 07 Feb, 2022

Check out this game-ready 3D scans collection we've started on OpenSea. Each scan is available in GLTF format. 2 assets are currently available with many more to come.