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Trism is now bridged to 3 x L2 chains

As part of ongoing efforts to open up L2 for Trism we now have 3 bridges to L2 chains. 🔥🔥🔥 💯 [ul] Trism (ETH) > Trism (Xdai) [/ul] [ul] Trism (ETH) > bTrism (BSC BEP20) (via Burgerswap bridge) [/ul] [ul] Trism (ETH) > Trism (PoS) (Polygon (Matic)) [/ul] There are no plans to add exchanges at this time

Trism - next steps

[p]NFT contract verification from Charged Particles (Whitelisting)[/p] [p]Charged particles are based in Canada and are trisms chosen protocol for loading ERC20 assets into NFT's it produces. In order to maintain full control of branding and location of asset loading and dispersion, trism needs it's own NFT generation contracts verified. To date we have been waiting for ERC721 contracts, which Charged Particles are launching this weekend as well as availability of CP developers to to whitelist (plus approval).[/p] [p] A distribution model (Unicrypt farms v2)[/p] In order to redistribute revenue generated in an effective manner, trism will use the majority of realised profits to purchase trism tokens directly in market. These tokens will in turn be fed into an 'open ended' liquidity farm hosted by Uncrypt. the farm model is as yet unreleased and is branded Farms v2 by unicrypt.