The E-commerce revolution. On-Chain decentralized! & TunCoin is a crypto-currency token based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) created by the team for the development of three fully interlocking projects: 1/ The issuance of an intuitive digital token to simplify commercial and financial exchanges. With TunCoin anyone is able to access financial services and cheap capital, and thus generates short-term profits. TunCoin, being decentralized and anonymous, opens up attractive prospects for its holders. 2/ The creation of an innovative international Web 3.0 ecommerce corporation based fundamentally on Blockchain technology and smart contracts. NoMarkUp Corporation aims to sell and deliver voted and negotiated products for its customers. Our website will offer a different customer experience, each transaction is driven by a smart contract, at the slightest incident the customer is refunded immediately in full transparency. This is how we tend to innovate the next customer experience. 3/ The mission of the NoMarkUp Foundation is to implement and monitor our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) strategy, which aims to consider our overall performance from three angles: economic, societal and especially environmental. We will work with BL-evolution to develop appropriate actions to make the environmental cause a solid foundation of our compagny Tokenomics #TunCoin : Roadmap TunCoin & NoMarkUp:

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01 Dec 2022
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- year(s)
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8 880.0000
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14:12:34 08 Dec, 2022

Be part of the early adopters!! Join a high potential token with a solid project.

10:12:25 08 Dec, 2022

TunCoin is backed by the Binance Smart Chain and therefore offers maximum security to its users with a reliable, secure and recognized infrastructure. TunCoin and its ecosystem allow investors to counter inflation, TunCoin is independent, so its price is a reflection of demand rather than inflation. As an investor, or a user, you are reassured, because the number of tokens is capped, so the quantity available cannot become uncontrollable, and therefore, no risk of inflation, on the contrary TunCoin will inevitably increase in value.

10:12:32 08 Dec, 2022

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