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The golden ratio is basically 1:1.618, which is also known as the Fibonacci arithmetic sequence or the phi ratio. The difference between any two numbers in this series is this number. The easiest way to understand the golden ratio and see it in action is to use the golden rectangle, which is a rectangle within which a square is drawn, and so on to infinity. In general, our focus in this post is not the mathematical and mathematical aspect, but rather the technical aspect, and there are many sites and applications that help you calculate and measure the golden ratio…..:

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Thutmose II (Pharaoh)

Thutmose II, the fourth pharaoh of the Eighteenth Dynasty of ancient Egypt during the New Kingdom. He built some minor monuments and made two minor campaigns, but he did nothing else during his reign and was probably influenced by the power of his wife Hatshepsut. The history of his rule during 1493-1481 BC. The body of Thutmose II was found in a cache in Deir el-Bahari above the funerary temple of Queen Hatshepsut and can be viewed in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. [url=]https://www.bitmonky.com#cairo.cairo.eg[/url]

Red Mercury

Red mercury is purportedly a substance of uncertain composition used in the creation of nuclear weapons, as well as a variety of unrelated weapons systems. Because of the great secrecy surrounding the development and manufacture of nuclear weapons, there is no proof that red mercury exists. However, all samples of alleged "red mercury" analyzed in the public literature have proven to be well-known, common red substances of no interest to weapons makers.

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The 15 most expensive materials on earth according to their benefits and production costs

[url=]https://www.bitmonky.com#cairo.cairo.eg[/url] 1- Antimatter: Antimatter is the most expensive substance in the universe, with its two components, the positron - $25 billion per gram and anti-hydrogen - estimated to cost $62.5 trillion per gram. That's because it's so difficult to produce, producing in small quantities requires the world's most advanced equipment from the European Research Organization. 2- Calfonium: 3- Diamonds: 4- Tritium: 5- Altavia stone: 6- Beinite: 7- Plutonium: 8- LSD, or a hallucinogenic drug: 9- Cocaine: 10- Heroin: 11- The rhino horn: 12- Methamphetamine: 13- Platinum: 14- Rhodium: 15-gold:

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Come sapete, ci è stato chiesto

Dormire non è facile e inizia a riflettere sulla sua carriera e sulle decisioni che ha preso: quelle buone, quelle cattive e quelle decisamente stupide. Ci sono stati molti momenti difficili e impegnativi. – dopotutto ha scelto di lavorare nelle risorse umane. Sapevo che amava lavorare con le persone, anche i leader più difficili e diversi, era una spugna e non si stancava mai di imparare cose nuove. Era orgogliosa delle sfide che aveva affrontato e delle lezioni che aveva imparato. Tuttavia, sapeva che la sfida più grande di tutte era contenere il profondo dolore emotivo e psicologico del suo passato e cercare di non lasciare che intaccasse il suo lavoro o la sua percezione del successo professionale. Era orgogliosa di ciò che aveva superato e di ciò che era diventata.

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Amber is an expensive stone, a precious fragrance

Yellowish brown amber is a harsh yellowish brown substance used in making jewelry amber necklace there was no light on in the room directly above it, but amber glowed from the dark room entrance. • Honey amber, copper amber, apricot amber. Britain may also have been the commercial source for the small amount of amber found on the island of Crete. • Amber was once polished to make a pendant as a centerpiece. Discover the manufacture of amber as jewelry, perfume and medicine

musk deer breeding project

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Superconductors are two types, each with several properties

The first type: This type is used in the installation of basic components in various applications, from electrical cables to microchips. What is wrong with this type is that it easily loses its superconducting properties when placed in its critical magnetic field, and therefore this type is called a soft superconductor. super), examples of this type are zinc and aluminium. The second type: This type is characterized by the difficulty of losing its conductive properties if placed in a magnetic field, and we notice this when we study the graphic relationship between the magnetism of matter and the magnetic field affecting it. If these materials are exposed to a weak magnetic field, their conductivity will hardly be affected, while if the field strength exceeds the limit value, it will lose its superconductivity immediately.


Simply it is a substance that conducts electricity without any resistance. When electric current passes through most metallic materials, it encounters electrical resistance. But if these materials are placed below a certain temperature, their electrical resistance will be lost. The temperature in this case is called critical temperature.

Earth is flat


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The eye builds the eye

The golden ratio

The golden ratio is basically 1:1.618, which is also known as the Fibonacci arithmetic sequence or the phi ratio. The difference between any two numbers in this series is this number. The easiest way to understand the golden ratio and see it in action is to use the golden rectangle, which is a rectangle within which a square is drawn, and so on to infinity. In general, our focus in this post is not the mathematical and mathematical aspect, but rather the technical aspect, and there are many sites and applications that help you calculate and measure the golden ratio…..:

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Peer-To-Peer Deposit

Peer-to-peer lending is easy way to get good profit by lending your money to people online. You invest your money for a fixed period at a best rate of income (up to 600%), so you know exactly what interest you will gain on your investment. Because loans are made not through the bank but between individuals this gives them best rates and cleaner fee structures. To make a deposit select the term and amount then rate and insurance and then you will be redirected to the payment page. [url=] http://moneyonlineinvestment.com/r/316448[/url]

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(Crude Oil

Petroleum, this compound is in water. It is also known as black gold or crude oil. It is produced in the production of its manufacture in the production of its manufacture in the manufacture of it in the wells. [yt]kPWgPsGilrc[/yt]


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