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This token will have multiple use case scenario . Stay tuned for more updates in the post section. Holder with highest token will be rewarded with extra token/Mintme. Detail Announcement of use case scenario and reward for highest holder on 9th October,2021

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Reward to early and major investor

There will be huge reward being provided to early investor. Reward might be mintme giveaway or buying back the investor's token. The reward will be provided at the end of every month.

Where will Trade Coin be Used?

[p]After this global pandemic, Tourism sector world wide had a deficit in their respective business. This token is planned to be used in tourism sector. In coming days, you will be able to pay this token in multiple area while travelling such as hotel booking, tips to guide, restaurant payment.[/p] [p]The DAPP integration is still under process. [/p] [p]Keep an update on my page for latest news.[/p]

Big Announcement Coming Tomorrow

I will announce complete new use case scenario and roadmap on this coin's development. Furthermore, Announcement on giveaway and investment on investor's coin plan will be reveled. [p]It will be released on 9th October,2021[/p]

Huge Announcement Coming Soon

Dear all investor, on 9th October, I will announce complete use case scenario along with the reward for early and major investor to this coin. Stay tuned with the posts.

Token Deployment in Process

Hello everyone, Token has already been deployed. It will take some time to deployed. All the investor it's your final chance to buy at 4.5 mintme. I will remove order at 4.5 mintme very soon. There goona be huge buyback plans. Further more many crypto project based on this coin will be illustrated here. Stay tuned with my posts here for further update on project.