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1. Project Overview:  UFUND Token (UFD) aims to revolutionize the decentralized finance (DeFi) space by providing a platform for users to access a wide range of financial services in a decentralized manner. 2. Plans and Goals: o Expand the ecosystem: We plan to continuously develop and expand the UFUND Token (UFD) ecosystem by introducing new features, partnerships, and integrations. o Enhance usability: Improving the user experience and making DeFi more accessible to mainstream users is a top priority. o Community engagement: We are committed to fostering an active and engaged community through regular updates, educational resources, and community-driven initiatives. 3. Unique Selling Points: o Decentralization: UFUND Token (UFD) operates on decentralized blockchain technology, ensuring transparency, security, and censorship resistance. o Versatility: The UFUND Token (UFD) platform offers a wide range of financial services, including lending, borrowing, trading, and more, all within a single ecosystem. o Governance: Token holders have a say in the future development and direction of the project through governance mechanisms. o Security: We prioritize the security of our platform and have implemented robust measures to protect user funds and data. 4. Proof of Identity and Transparency: o Team Transparency: We have a fully devoted team with extensive experience in blockchain development, finance, and technology. o Audits: Our smart contracts and platform undergo regular security audits by reputable third-party firms to ensure the integrity and safety of the system. o Compliance: We comply with all relevant regulations and strive to maintain the highest standards of legal and regulatory compliance. 5. Community Support and Adoption: o Active Community: We have a vibrant and growing community of users, developers, and enthusiasts who are actively engaged in discussions, feedback, and support. o Partnerships: We have established strategic partnerships with leading projects, exchanges, and organizations to foster adoption and collaboration within the DeFi ecosystem. Potential buyers can feel confident in the UFUND (UFD) Token's vision, technology, and commitment to transparency, security, and community engagement. Important Note : By acquiring UFUND Tokens (UFD) investors gain access to a plethora of services, products, and peer-to-peer trading opportunities within the UFUDN ecosystem. in addition to trading it on mintme.com One of the key benefits for long-term holders is the exclusive opportunity to convert UFUND Token (UFD) into Security Tokens either Reg D or Reg S at a 10% discount of the prevailing market rate and becoming shareholder.  Holding UFUND Tokens (UFD) for a minimum of one year qualifies you for this advantageous conversion, providing you with enhanced value and potential returns on your investment. UFUND TOKEN ECONOMY : UFUND Token (UFD) details: Total token supply: 500 000 000 — total count of token created and circulate in the market: 250 000 000 •Current price per token: US$20=19.40 Matic Hold time of UFUND Token (UFD) in Ecosystem: 12 months (During UFD Token private sales event, 50% discount is offered which makes the Token price at 9.70 Matic)• Average time a participant is holding UFUND token (UFD): one year. •Transaction volume per year: 2 500 000 •Transaction time- the time required for completing a transaction: instant to one hour. •TMCAP: token market cap: 10 000 000 000 •Ratio of transaction volume to transaction market cap:0.00025 •R1 = 0.00025 •R2 = 0.0000416 The UFUND Token is created based on real business activities, assets and revenues of Actiwires LLC DBA UFUND . Trade well . UFUND Team

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16 Feb 2024
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