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UNS is a layer-1 fungible token which operates as a DeFi token on the Binance Smart Chain. To keep any transaction from our wallet private, we increase the level of privacy in our protocol by using a VPN protection. VPN protected transactions, messages, and any other type of communication with the UNS token from our wallet stay anonymous for the recipients and external parties. The wallet we are creating is not your typical wallet for sending, receiving, or hodling crypto. We stand for privacy and anonymity, which means that we do not want any transactions to be directly linked to anyone. We strive to facilitate VPN protected payments with our wallet. In addition, our wallet will make sending encrypted messages possible as well. All messages will be encrypted and sent via a detour. On top of that, the wallet will be available for free, without any KYC! ​ With the use of our UNS token you will be able to purchase whatever you want, whenever you want to, and in full privacy. Send encrypted messages and make any transaction with our wallet. All built in one app, to make it as easy as possible to use.

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01 Mar 2022
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22:03:11 05 Mar, 2022

🛫AIRDROP!🛬 UNSIGNME will be airdropping $UNS token to it’s holders. Participants who have at least 0.5 UNS in their MintMe exchange will receive free $UNS! MintMe doesn’t use any KYC! Creating an account will take 1 minute. What you need to do ? 🔹 Start the bot. @UNSairdrop_bot 🔹 Follow all the tasks. 🔹 Hold at least 0.5 UNS on MintMe to be eligible. ‼️The airdrop will end on 31th June and we will distribute the tokens on 4th of July!

21:03:11 05 Mar, 2022

This will be till ICO phase 1 ends. What you need to do? Go to www.unsignme.com/ico, buy some $UNS tokens and fill in your selfmade, custom referral ID. How does it work? Once you buyed your tokens and filled in your referral ID you almost ready. Only you and we are knowing your referral ID, nobody else. (except your friend/family what's invited with your ID.) If your referral buys the tokens, he can choose to give your referral ID in our google form. Note! If you the first one with the referral ID, please only fill it in on our website. Your referral need it only in the google form.

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