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Winmar coin is a cryptoassets and token that uses the BSC blockchain system, it make easier for every transaction in terms of time efficiency and also transaction transparancy because in the future Winmar Coin will become a medium of exchange for buying, selling oil and gas also helping online platforms from the payment side so that Winmar coin holders not only use winmar coin as a trading tool but can also make winmar coin an investment asset and in the future winmar coin will explore NFT games, metaverse, cryptocurrency wallets, cryptocurrency exchanges, and many more collaborations that will be carried out according to current technological developments because the motto of winmar coin is "INTEGRATED SOLUTION FOR HUMAN BEING" therefore the goal Winmar coin was created to help humans from digitalization finance that is safe, fast and reliable

Created on:
15 Feb 2022
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- year(s)
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9 380.0000
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-10 000.0000
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