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This is utility token for the Ancient Beast game project. Initially it will help with securing some funding it order to facilitate development and costs. Current functionality for the token: allow voting of project direction Way more functionality is planned for later: units stats and ability balancing battle other players for the token access to special online game modes In the Factions online mode, XTR will be used for: materialize owned units and shield Dark Priest from harm acquire lands from various realms in order to build cities allow staking by locking the token to generate interest build unit dwellings that will generate units periodically recruit additional units, can die within combat or siege The vanilla version of the game will always be free to play, but those who want to get more content can use the token to acquire NFTs to customize and expand it: combat location backgrounds unlocking additional tracks access to new playable units alternative skins for units customize Dark Priest looks

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Things are about to scale

Earners Channel listing

The token has been listed on [url=]https://earnerschannel.pl[/url] website, being the 11th one, as it goes all the way up to eleven! It's one of the best paying tokens around there, so have a swing at the faucet, another 666 XTR up for grabs, which can be worth a lot in the next few years or even sooner. [url=]https://earnerschannel.pl/faucet.php?token=XatteR[/url]

Token Deployed!

[p]I don't tend to write often, but with support from our brothers, things moved way faster than I anticipated regarding deployment. Big thanks to @PRSS and @MintMeTeam for making this happen! XatteR is now deployed on the MintMe blockchain, having 100% information provided 🥳[/p] [p]Gonna see about listing it in the near future so that I can raise some capital for the project and be able to offer bounties for various coding and artistic tasks that are really needed for the project to advance 🚀[/p]

Deployment and listings

[p]I've just created more XatteR token sell offers, consider these at a super discount, as my target for the token is to get it to about $120 within the next 3 years starting now.[/p] [p]The current goal is to raise about 40.000 MintMe tokens in order to deploy the token later this year and start listing it on several crypto related websites and exchanges, as I've already started compiling a list. I've made github issues for both these tasks. You can check them out and even comment reasonable places where to list the token:[/p] [ul] [li][url=]https://github.com/FreezingMoon/AncientBeast/issues/1897[/url][/li] [li][url=]https://github.com/FreezingMoon/AncientBeast/issues/1898[/url][/li] [/ul]

Let's break the wall!

[p]Looking to get some more investors, as we're trying to raise a bit of funding in order to speed up things quite a bit: we're 90% done with releasing the next big version of the project, first one to ever feature online multiplayer. There's a show stopping bug with it that needs to be fixed asap, as it causes synchronization issues between players when abilities that move units are being used. Also, 3 new playable units need to be coded, tested and balanced.[/p] [p]Will also poke at another documentation sprint regarding the project's future (as it needs to be done way ahead of time) and a sprint regarding the use of token within the project at various stages, along with a video talking about all this (talking a bit about the project, the upcoming release, the token and future plans).[/p] [p]Version 0.4 will be a huge release that will cause the community and project to grow exponentially, so I hope you will purchase and hold some XatteR tokens :-) Cheers![/p]

Welcome to the club!

Making progress with this token. You can now purchase it!

Getting closer to making this token the real deal. I've tried out the alternative service I wanted to go with for creating a token for Ancient Beast and didn't quite like it as much as I was expecting. So MintMe it is! :) Whoever bought earlier today, I had to delete and remake this because I needed to own all the amount in order to make a vital branding tweak. Me and my OCDs. Couldn't contact because profile was private. Anyway, you served as a catalyst, feel free to get in touch and we'll figure something out. To the MintMe team: this is somewhat of an exploit I guess (to make a token and delete it after people bought it), kinda like a rug-pull I guess. So hopefully that will be fixed soon or addressed way better. I'll see about increasing the verification percentage. You can help with that as well, as I've released some tokens for sale in order to cover the expense for deploying this to the ETH Mainnet blockchain, which is about $100, while the competition had upfront cost of $59.