BitMonky POWAPAY Project

POWAPAY - Proof Of Work As Payment

With POWAPAY your followers online can pay for your content by donating a small percentage of their devices computing power while they enjoy your content.

POWAPAY is open and Transparent

Each page of a POWAPAY service displays to the user how much work is being done and allows them to control how much to donate.

The bitMonky Token supports the project and provides the community with a none inflationary blockchain backed crypto currency for easy and cheap online transactions. check it out at -

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GoGoMiner provides a number of utilitys to help you mine bitMonky and MINTME with out any previous experience in crypto mining

For every 1 MINTME coin that you mine using GoGoMiner you will get 10 bitMonky tokens as a mining bonus reward. But, don't wait to long the bonus will keep going down until they are all mined out!

The pool fee is 3% of your MINTME earnings

The minimum withdraw is 1 MINTME and your bonus bitMonky's are awarded at the time you withdraw.

Created on:
21 Apr 2021
Release period:
10 year(s)
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Already released:
4 254 265.2965
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5 745 734.7034
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2 266 207.1228
Active orders:
974 691.3198
360 342.7197
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1 216 691.3651
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01:11:44 20 Nov, 2022

Get More BitMonky

Go Ape At Earn 10 bitMonky per MINTME mined!

04:08:32 08 Aug, 2022

Not sure about our bot ... You can View The Code Here. And see for your self if we are up to anything sneaky :)

04:08:31 08 Aug, 2022

BitMonky Nano Bots are little worker bots based on microsofts playwright technology.

What your getting is a "headless browser" which is a web browser that runs in a console and does not draw the website on your screen as a normal browser does. Using a javacript API the bot can be used to open websites create screen shots and capture text, links and images from the page.

When you install a bitMonky nano bot , the bot will start polling for work to do. Bitmonky will then reply with a "no work" message or some instructions for a job to complete. The job may be verify a link , capture some meta data or even capture a screen shot. When the bot finishes the task it contacts with the results and if accepted a payment is made to your bitMonky wallet.

All in all they are great way to monetize your computer in the background and earn some extra bitMonky!

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