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A Coin With Actual Utility! Now Open - It's "The Full Monty" A full service crypto based online community. Crypto is great but having a place to earn and spend it is what really matters check it out at - Also Mine bitMonky For Free At These coins are not for sale by us. The only way to get them is to earn them as a mining bonus on the website or buy them on the open market from people who have already earned them. is an easy to use browser based MINTME mining pool. For every 1 MINTME coin that you earn by using the website you will get 50 bitMonky tokens as mining bonus reward. But, don't wait to long the bonus will keep going down until they are all mined out! The pool fee is 3% of your MINTME earnings The minimum withdraw is 1 MINTME and your bonus bitMonky's are awarded at the time you withdraw.

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Best Feature For Earning

Available now for city owners on Share links to YouTuber channels in your city and earn 500 BMGP for every video the Youtube channel owner uploads. [p]The system automatically creates an account for the channel and syncronizes it with the youtuber's youtube channel. Bitmonky will keep it constantly up to date for you. [/p] [p][/p]

How To Mine Dogecoin On BitMonky

Just login to The miner starts automatically. You can see the hash rate in the top right of each page.[p][/p] To see how much you have mined just visit the bitmonky Bank. Follow the directions in the screen shot bellow to sell your MINTME for dogecoin instantly at the current market price (minimum sell amt is 1 MINTME, trade fee of 2.78% applies). [p][/p] Be sure to visit the GJEX page first to set up your Dogecoin wallet. [p][/p]

Update - Convert MINTME to Dogecoin

bitmonky's next update will allow you to sell MINTME you mine on the site directly for dogecoin at the current market price. So instead of withdrawing it to your MINTME wallet you can click sell and the system will buy from you right away for the current dogecoin / MINTME price. [p][/p] Get mining your stack on or now and be ready!

Passive Income By Inviting New Members

Earn 100 BMGP everytime someone you invited posts on bitmonky. Login to BitMonky and click the "How To Earn Button" to get your link. [p][/p]

How To Join BitMonky Investor Group

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice.[p][/p] (Click To Enlarge Image) [p][/p]

MINTME Moving Into Top 1000 On CoinMarketCap

Thats Up 1000 from when bitMonky joined! Good work to all. [p][/p]

More Easy Dogecoin Profits

BitMonky GJEX [p][/p]

How To Sell BitMonky For Dogecoin

Go to and create a free account. [p][/p] Click on the "Bank" link and enter your bitMonky deposit address. After it is confirmed follow these 4 steps outlined below (Click On Image To Enlarge). [p][/p]


Referals are a great way to grow the MINTME community! [p][/p]

MINTME To Dogecoin

A picture is worth a thousand words! [p][/p] [p][/p]

Looking To Buy MINTME For Dogecoin

Buying 350 dogecoin worth of MINTME at 0.11 / MINTME per Dogecoin on the BitMonky GJEX Exchange[p][/p]

Tipping Button Added To Likes

Hi we have now added the promised tipping button on [p][/p] Tips are in BMGP for now. We will add other tokens later (Only available on PC/Laptop Version). [p][/p]

Live Streaming Now Available

Hi, we have added live streaming to BitMonky For now it is only available on the PC/Laptop Version of the site. Will be adding it to the mobile app shortly .[p][/p]

BMGP Investor Group Started

A group investment fund has been created on This group will provide financial assistance to people who wish to create and deploy a token on the MINTME Blockchain. [p][/p] To invest in the group or apply for funding for your token join us at [url=][/url] and click on the GJEX link. [p][/p]

GJEX And City Tokens News

Just wanted to give a big thanks to those who have joined bitmonky and have been helping smoke out the bugs in the GJEX and City Tokens systems!

MINTME Dogecoin Trading Opens On GJEX

The updates to allow trading of of MINTME for Dogecoin are complete and trading has started. [p][/p] [url=][/url]

Bounty Hunters Joins BitMonky As Official Token Of Athens,Greece

Bounty hunters has become the official token of Athens, Greece on the bitMonky platform. [p][/p] [p][/p]

haoma Joins Bitmonky As Official Token For Pune, India

haoma has become the official token of Pune India on the bitMonky platform. [p][/p][url=][/url] [p][/p]

MINTME to Dogecoin Pair on GJEX

In the next few days we will be releasing MINTME to Dogecoin trading on the the [url=][/url] GJEX exchange.[p][/p] Enjoy the high liquidity and low transactions fees of Dogecoin.

Two More Tokens Deployed And Listed On BitMonky

Welcome Tigecoin & Kadeudeuh as the official tokens for Cairo, Egypt and Bandung, Indonesia available on the bitMonky platform. [p][/p] Claim Your City And Link Your Token here [url=/][/url]

BitMonky Investment Group

We will be starting a Investment group that will help bitMonky City Tycoons to deploy tokens for their cities. This will be done by investing in the pre-deployed token to raise the required MINTME deployment fee. To qualify the City Tycoon must have demonstrated that they are actively building up their city with regular posting to their city guides. [p][/p] Claim Your City And Get Started Here [url=][/url]

Hire Sales Reps To Sell Your Store Fronts

Pay them in your own token. You can offer them a signing bonus (paid when the store owner completes store set up and pays the store activation fee) as well as a monthly commission on the stores rental fee. [p][/p] Link your token to a city now! [url=][/url]

Store Front Rentals Fees Provide Income For Tycoons

We have added a feature for the City Tycoons on [url=][/url] to allow them to set monthly storefront rental fees in your local city. Both in BGMP and your own token if you have linked one.[p][/p]

Dorella Deploys Rugantino And Links With bitMonky

Dorella owner of [url=][/url] deploys the Rugantino coin as the official token for Rome Lazio Italy![p][/p]Thank you Dorella[p][/p]

Reminder GJEX Trade For Doge

Just a reminder that the Linking of MINTME blockchain Tokens to bitMonky Cities and the GJEX trading platform is a Beta program. Please always report any problems or bugs so that we can fix them ASAP. Thanks [p][url=][/url][/p]

PRSS joins with BitMonky

PRSS has linked their token with bitmonky making PRSS the official toke of Paris France [url=][/url] [p][/p]

We Banned Google And Our Traffic Increased!

A month and a half ago we banned the google bot from crawling our site and here is what happend. Our traffic went up, server costs went down and performance increased! [p][/p] [url=][/url]

Store Fronts And Eats Beta Is Ready

Come try it out for free. Open your own General Store Front or Restaurant and see how our dogePay solution can work for you![p][/p] Login now and click on the 'My Store' button. If you don't already have an account just create one, its easy. [url=][/url] [p][/p]

Store Fronts and Eats

City Tycoons on [url=][/url] will be able to offer store fronts to local business. [url=][/url]BitMonky Eats will allow restaurants to offer pick up and delivery with our Doge Pay solution.[p][/p] Stores will pay rent to the city Tycoon in the cities local token! Also stores will be able to accept the local currency as discount coupons. [p][/p]

Graphic Artists Wanted

[url=][/url] will be looking for Graphic Artists to create and sell their work to our members to be used for profiles, Banners and various other posts.[p][/p] Your art will go into our sites store front where members will be able to select art work from the different artists. [p][/p] Artist will set their fee in BMGP / per display of their work on the site. BMGP are tradeable for Dogecoin on the sites GJEX market place.

Trade Your Token Directly For Dogecoin

The [url=]https://www.bitmonky[/url] GJEX exchange upgrade is close to complete. Find out how you can list your token there and have it traded directly for Dogecoin.[p][/p]

Earning MINTME Tip

Mining a MINTME token is slow but steady. The average computer can mine about 1 per day. Mining Them on [url=][/url] If fast and easy because for every MINTME you mine you get 50 bitMonky bonus which is about 25 to 50 MINTME + 1 per day.[p][/p] {option}

To The Moon will be expanding its virtual cities to the Moon as Well as Mars. Soon you will be able to stake your claim for these bases and link your MINTME token as the local currency for each base. [p][/p]

CLICK Token Integration Follow up

Check out how ZadeShare has integrated their token with their City claim on [url=][/url] [p][/p] Now they can hire people to work for him in their city and pay them in CLICK! [p][/p] [p][/p]Talk To ZadeShare to find out more details.

CLICK joins with bitMonky

CLICK has become the official Token for the city of Chicago, Illanois, USA on [url=][/url][p][/p] See the post bellow this for more details and share it for 10 bitmonky.

Use Your Token On BitMonky For Payments

[p][/p] We are looking for a few for MintMe Token owners to Beta Test a feature on [url=][/url] that will allow you to stake a claim on one of our virtual cities and use your own token as payment to have members do work for you on your city. [p][/p]Interest Token owners (With Deployed Tokens On MINTME chain) DM me here or just make an account on and DM or Inbox Peter. [p][/p]NOTE - Tokens with offensive names will not be accepted.

Interview With CryptoMom2

[yt]85pUg7l4Vs4[/yt][p][/p] Be sure to watch on youtube and give CryptoMom2 a thumbs up and a subscribe! This is how we will get more people to the MINTME network!

MINTME geth - Full Node

Bitmonky will show its support for the MINTME project by running our own MINTME get full node. This will give us access to the full API and will help make the entire blockchain more secure and robust for everyone.[p][/p] Once the we have the node up and running you will be able to start depositing bitMonky to your [url=][/url] bank accounts for off chain trading and spending.[p][/p] {option}[p][/p] Keep Stacking Those bitMonky's [url=][/url]

Next Update 'Tipping'

New feature coming soon to [url=][/url]. We will be adding a tip button instead of the like button. At the cost of 500 BMGP for just one bitMonky, they are perfect for tipping as a way of showing your appreciation for good posts.[p][/p] Start stacking your BMGP's at [url=][/url] today!

Doge Trading Now Available

You can now trade bitMonky and Doge Coin directly on [url=][/url] using the GJEX exchange![p][/p] Enjoy the low transaction fees and high liquidity of the Doge network. Keep more of your earnings.

Doge - GJEX Integration Update

We are making good progress with the integration. You can now add your doge payment address to the exchange. Your deposit wallet will be automatically generated. Deposits to the exchange are working and withdraws have been tested and will be available tomorrow.[p][/p] The last step is to converted the 'create orders' form to accept doge payments directly from your deposit Address. [p][/p] Don't have any bitmonky? Get some here -> [url=][/url]

Full Doge Node Up And Runing

Soon you will be able to trade bitMonky with doge coin on our GJEX exchange. Our doge full node is up and running and synchronizing with the doge network now. [p][/p] With the low cost of doge transactions compared to BitCoin and Ethereum you are going to get to keep a lot more of what you earn![p][/p] Better load up on some bitMonky [url=][/url]

Creating Multiple Accounts

Creating multiple accounts is more work to get 50 tokens then it is to mine them with one account on [url=][/url] you get 50 tokens for every MINTME your computer mines and you don't have to do anything but leave it running . Even an average PC can mine at least one MINTME per day[p][/p] You can earn way more then that by claiming a city on the [url=][/url] website and posting information links about your city.[p][/p] Saves you time and the more information posted in your city ads value to the tokens you do own!

BitMonky Tycoon Dorella Is Killing It

Check out how dorella has turned her city into a crypto gold mine. [p][/p] Visit Her Here [url=][/url] [p][/p] Stake A Claim On Your City or Town Before It's Gone!

Trade BitMonky For DOGECOIN

You can now trade your bitMonky for DOGE coin via the Great Jungle Exchange (GJEX) only available at [url=][/url] [p][/p] [p][/p] All out of bitMonky? Get more at [url=][/url]

Claim Jumping Channels

Some else got your idea first? No worries if they don't post to the channel regularly you can jump their claim and make it yours for FREE. [p][/p] [p][/p] [url=][/url]

Become A BitMonky Tycoon

[h2]Stake Your Claim On Your City![/h2] Lord over your city tenants... Charge them Tycoon Tax on their gold earnings [p][/p] [p][/p] Try it free for 7 days [p][/p] [url=][/url]

Find Love And Earn Crypto

[h2]Wheel Of Love[/h2] Earn crypto while you search for love. [p][/p] [p][/p] Try It Here - [url=][/url]

Promote Your Token With bitMonky

[h2]Boost Your Posts... Get More Views[/h2] Use your bitMonky to buy boost on [url=][/url] Its a great way to advertise your project or anything. [p][/p] [p][/p] Join Now Its Free [url=][/url] (or sign in with your gogominer account).

BitMonky World Opens

[h2] Now Open[/h2] The site is now opened to the public. People with accounts can login to either site with their current login. [p][/p] The BitMonky Gold Economy is fully integrated with the bitMonky token. And is updated with the latest prices from MINTME and Coin Market Cap. [p][/p] This means bitMonky Gold Pieces (BMGP) are backed by the bitMonky Token. Where 1 bitMonky equals 500 BMGP. [p][/p] BMGP can be converted to bitMonky and withdraw directly to your MINTME wallet. You will also be able to deposit bitMonky directly to your bank account to use as BMGP on the site. [p][/p] Here is the link: [url=][/url] Let us know if you have any problems or questions.

Hava A YouTube Channel?

[h2]Turn It Into A Crypto Miner[/h2] See How it works here - > [url=][/url] [p][/p] Mines MINTME for you plus you also earn 50 bitMonky mining bonus per MINTME. [p][/p] Easy to set up and it automatically updates when you load new content to your YouTube channel.

BitMonky Poll

Just a quick poll to see if any other MINTME token makers would like to have their Tokens made available as a MINTME mining bonus on the [url=][/url] site. [p][/p] If there is enough people interested we will consider building an API to facilitate that . [p][/p] leave a comment here if interested. [p][/p]

The bitMonky Gold Economy Explained

[h2]BitMonky Gold Pieces (BMGP)[/h2] The Bitmonky Bank will allow you to easily deposit and withdraw bitMonky for BMGP which can be traded freely as a form of payment on the bitmonky website. [p][/p] [p][/p] One bitMonky = 500 BMGP [p][/p] [p]BMGP trades are are off chain so are instant , easy to send and receive and are not subject to MINTME gas fees.[/p] [p][/p] Just another way bitMonky will build its real world utility!

Announcing - Guerrilla Ad Net

[h1]Coming Soon[/h1] Earn more bitMonky displaying the ads on your website. Use your bitMonky to advertise on the the network! [p][/p] [p][/p] Be ready! Start Mining them now at [p][/p] [url=][/url]

The Full BitMonky Site Peek Preview.

[h2]Get A Peek At The Full Monky![/H2] Check it out at [url=][/url] [p][/p] Have a look around but keep in mind it is pre-beta mode! [p][/p] [p][/p] is the whole deal... A virtual world economy based on BitMonky Gold Pieces BMGP which are backed by the bitMonky Token. Buy and sell, trade and advertise. You can even buy your own city or town. Build it up and sell if for a profit or just sit back and earn by taxing your citizens! [p][/p] Check it out and let us know what you think. [p][/p] TIP - If you have a [url=][/url] account your login will work on the bitMonky site as well.

You Mine Them... We Buy Them

We stand behind our token, so we regularly buy back bitMonky. This means you can easily sell the bitMonky you earn while mining at [url=][/url] [p][/p] Don't wait to long or they will all be gone! [url=][/url]

Get Some Green Bar Action

[h2]Don't Have Any BitMonky?[/h2] Get some here [url=][/url] Earn 50 bitMonky per MINTME mined! [p][/p] [url=][/url]

How To Increase Your Mining Power - Tips

[h3]Tip 1 - Run Your Own MoshBox TV Station[/h3] [p][/p] Did you know you can get other people to mine bitMonky and MINTME for you? It's easy with MoshBox TV just give people your link and when they visit your station they will give you more mining power. [p][/p] Check out my station to see how easy it is -> [url=][/url] [p][/p] Remember the only way to get bitMonky now is to mine them so don't delay. They will only get harder to mine the longer you wait. [p][/p] [url=][/url]

All Out Of BitMonky?

[h2]Get More At[/h2] [url=][/url] Earn 50 bitMonky per MINTME mined! [p][/p] [url=][/url]

When All Your BitMonky Is Sold Out!

[h2]Get More BitMonky[/h2] Go Ape At [url=][/url] Earn 50 bitMonky per MINTME mined! [p][/p] [url=][/url]

Apes Mining Together Strong!

[h2]Update[/h2] Go Ape At [url=][/url] Earn 50 bitMonky per MINTME mined! [p][/p] [url=][/url]

Mining Made Easy! Mine one get 3 Free!

[h2]Update[/h2] Mining Bonus Increased To 50 bitMonky per MINTME mined! [p][/p] Earn a 10 bitMonky mining bonus per MINTME mined. [url=][/url]

MINTME miners wanted

Earn a 50 bitMonky mining bonus per MINTME mined. [url=][/url]

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