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13:05:42 13 May, 2021

I would like to introduce myself and the here once. My name is Daniel Mueller, I am in the crypto universe since 2016. I have specialized in NFTs in the form of virtual properties and art. To be able to offer my customers and subscribers as broad a spectrum of information as possible, I apply countless applications in self-experimentation and report on my experiences on my YouTube channel. With the dezentrale coin, I want to increase the reach of my channels to reach more people. On almost all channels I speak or write in German. Unfortunately, there are still far too few channels in German and far too many German speakers who speak poor English. This has in the fewest cases something to do with intelligence, but simply with practice. Many German-speaking people simply don't need English in their everyday lives. (craftsmen, salesmen, etc.) and face major problems when they are interested in cryptocurrencies and their applications. Sincerely, Daniel Mueller

Die ist eine kleine Beratungsfirma mit diversen Online-Angeboten wie einem YouTube, Odysee, Discord und Telegram Kanal. Um meine Reichweite zu vergrößern, wird das Teilen meiner Inhalte, Abonnieren meiner Kanäle, etc. mit meinem deZentrale Coin vergütet. Mehr zu mir und der findet Ihr in meinem Vorstellungs-Post. Danke für das Interesse. The is a small consulting company with online offers, a YouTube, an Odysee, Discord and Telegram channel. To increase the reach, every like, share and comment is compensated with my coin. More about me and you will find in my Introduction Post. Thank you for your interest.

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13 May 2021
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17:10:10 30 Oct, 2021

Endlich, mein neues Buch zum Thema NFT ist fertig. NFTs verstehen, bewerten und handeln. Finally, my new Book is finish. NFT Understand, evaluate and act on NFTs.

19:10:43 17 Oct, 2021

Darf ich vorstellen... May I introduce... The Exotic Gentlemen Society

16:10:27 15 Oct, 2021

Einführung in PfP NFTs Introducing PFP NFTs

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