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Post 3063

Greetings Everyone, Late start this morning. iLearnResearch continues to slowly and freely trade at .03/11.5 MintMe. This gives everyone an opportunity to still get in while the price is low. iLearnResearch upon yesterday has made business cards as well as started an apparel line as to market the Token as well as the exchange. To get your apparel; got to:

Post 3044

Post 3043

Good Morning Everyone, Well, What do you know? iLearnResearch is trading at a low .02/10 Mintme Top of this morning. Hope everyone had great Weekend. Get in low while there is still opportunity. iLearnResearch will continue to invest small daily units in it's supporters as well as seek other companies to develop mutual support.

Post 2954

Good Morning Folks, Top of the Morning. iLearnResearch in order to maintain Momentum has taken a Few Bid Orders. The Market is wide open and ready for profit. Sale orders are at .04/12.9 MintMe. On another note, iLearnResearch has developed some Apparel, go to this website to get your T-Shirt, Coffee Mug, Clock, Bag, etc.

Post 2932

Good Morning Everyone, It's always nice to see an increase of Mintme in the wallet from sales that happen while you were off the platform. iLearnResearch is at an Ask price of .04/15 Mintme this morning. I shouldn't say this, but as mentioned previously, iLearnResearch will take Bids for no less than .03 for today, so you Mathematicians, do the Math. LOL. Alright, Happy Trading. iLearnResearch will continue to support other Tokens in hopes of winning support.

Post 2905

Good Morning Everyone! Fun Day Yesterday, Trading kind of slow, but trickle here, trickle there. iLearnResearch is Trading at .04/14 MintMe Today after a few adjustments. Get in Early Guys, we will continue to rise, and at end of day I will day delete my orders to give those that have placed sale orders opportunity to profit. I will take bid orders for yesterday's price and ongoing bids will be taken for the price day before and so on. Profit strategies for those with 500 Tokens.

Post 2874

For those of you who get to 500 iLearnResearch Token, I will be sharing weekly precious information on other coins I believe are on the rise not necessarily in this ecosystem. Get in Early because iLearnResearch will continue to go up. I will take bid orders that are appropriate.

Post 2873

Good Morning Everyone! Good day! Happy Trading... iLearn Research is Trading at .03/13 MintMe this morning and I have deleted myself as the Order Maker from yesterday's price as to keep the Momentum going and give other's opportunity to make MintMe with iLearnResearch coin. I will do this at the end of each day or top of the morning, so the coin's price continues to rise and we all can make profit together for those of you who place sale orders. Thanks!

Post 2851

Post 2847

Good Morning Everyone, This morning iLearnResearch is attempting to stir up support by continuing to support others in purchasing small and large amounts of their Tokens at the Market Price as well as placing proper bids to increase wallet supply. iLearnResearch will continue to place sale orders of your Tokens at random, and 10x, 100x, and 1000x, in order to help increase value of your coin and turn a profit.

Post 2832

Greetings Everyone, The Weekend is almost over and iLearnResearch is trading at 13 MintMe. Let's keep the Momentum going with future perks coming soon! As you can see iLearnResearch supports those Tokens that help support it with placing sell orders at 10x, 100x, and 1000x the initial purchase price of your Token. Also Random sale orders are placed to help Boost your coins overall movement and raise MintMe.

Post 2812

Hey Guys, Great Day today....Kind of slow with the Trades. Reapplied for Coingecko listing, Posted on Reddit as well as wrote an article on Next step will be to fill out info for CoinMarketCap listing. iLearnResearch will continue make moves to increase the coins value with plans of scaling.

Post 2794

So, as we are in the beginnings of developing our investment strategies, ilearnResearch will strive to keep it's word. The blunder this morning of taking orders less than .02 cents or 10Mintme came from the mode switch. LOL. Anyway, guys get in low while you can...iLearnResearch will attempt to raise price at lease .01/day. On another note, iLearn Research has made accounts on many of the social and tech platforms, like github, twitter, facebook, discord, and soon to sign up for reddit.

Post 2783

Greetings Everyone! Fun day today. Today iLearnResearch took a few orders around .01 cents. I will incrementally take orders increasing at a least a penny per day. I encourage traders to buy at market ask price. Also, Today iLearnResearch applied to list on There may be a few more parameters that need to be put in place, but we will see what happens, and reapply if necessary.

Post 2759

Greetings Everyone! iLearnResearch Looks forward to Growing and Developing in some capacity everyday. Weather that be simply posting in Discussion or adding to some new feature that will try to increase the value of the token. The first challenge or give away that immediately comes to mind is: The first 10 people to actually purchase at least 10 iLearnResearch Token and at least one of the books available on will receive 50 iLearnResearch directly from me, Show Proof + Address!