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Getting Back to Business
21:11:51 29 Nov, 2021

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Hey guys, This is still ilearnResearch Token; but I've started and upstart Web Development and Programming business that I'm daily working at and on. Feel Free to check out my website and even check out my New NFT Profile Builder Offer...Some Sexxy Collections being developed and coming down the pipeline with the hopes of starting a new or old niche of "Sexxy Model NFT Trading Cards" or what I like to call "Adult Investing" !!! Hope things are well with everyone, and as my skill level increases, look forward to new Developments. Another New Development is that I've just created an App ---> it will be available on Google Play Store and Apple Store Soon...If you would like me to Build you one, or are interested in any of these services, feel free to sign-up and connect with me on my App or webpage...preferably the App and make comment or give advise. Thanks....You guys can check the App out now and get in for free. But eventually I want to charge $5/download, and a $5/month subscription Fee. Check out the Web Application Now at:

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23 Mar 2021
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