How to send direct messages

We realize that we live in a global village and that the ties that bind us all together are created by our interactions. The majority of people are interested in the person behind an idea. Token holders can communicate directly with the token creator, they have chosen to support, through the direct messages function. It is intended to encourage interaction on the MintMe platform. Please follow the instructions below to learn more about how this feature works.

How to send direct messages (DMs):

1. To begin, "Log in" to your MintMe Account and proceed to the user's token page you wish to contact. On the right side of the token's menu, click on the "Send message" button. 


  • To send a DM, the token creator may require a certain number of their tokens. The default requirement is 100 units.
  • In order to qualify to send a DM, the tokens must be stored in your wallet within the MintMe platform. If you withdraw the creator's tokens from your wallet, they will not be counted towards the requirement.

2. Use the "Enter" key to send your message, or click on the send button at the bottom-right corner of the chat box.