MintMe Coin public nodes

MintMe Coin maintains two public nodes that can be used by users and developers to access the MintMe Coin network. These nodes are:


Public nodes are servers that are connected to a blockchain network and allow users to access the network and perform various actions, such as sending and receiving transactions or querying the blockchain for information. By maintaining public nodes, MintMe Coin makes it easier for users and developers to interact with the MintMe Coin network and build applications on top of it.

Users and developers can connect to MintMe Coin's public nodes using a variety of tools and libraries, such as web3.js or Infura. Depending on your needs and preferences, you may choose to use one of these nodes directly or build your own node and connect to the MintMe Coin network through it.

Overall, MintMe Coin's public nodes are an important resource for users and developers looking to access and interact with the MintMe Coin network.