How to recover funds sent to an Ethereum address by mistake

It is common for people to accidentally send cryptocurrency to the wrong address, and MINTME is no exception. If you have mistakenly sent MINTME to an Ethereum address or any other Ethereum-based blockchain, there is a simple solution to it. Please follow the steps below to recover your funds.

How to recover MINTME sent to an Ethereum address:

1. First, you will need to have the Private Key for the Ethereum address where the MINTME was mistakenly sent. Without this Private Key, it will not be possible to recover the MINTME.

2. Next, you should check the Ethereum address on the MintMe explorer to verify that the MINTME units were indeed sent there. This will help to confirm that the MINTME is still in the address and has not been moved or transferred elsewhere.

3. The third step is to locate the Private Key for your Ethereum address. The process for finding your Private Key may vary depending on the wallet you are using (e.g., Myetherwallet or Metamask). Once you have located your Private Key, go to your MintMe Coin desktop wallet and use it to log in to your wallet address.

4. If everything has been done correctly, the Ethereum address should now be added to your MintMe Coin desktop wallet, and the funds should be recovered.


  • It is not possible to use a Mnemonic Phrase to recover MINTME that has been lost in this way. Using an Ethereum Mnemonic Phrase will generate a new address that does not contain any funds.