Why are my coins being converted to MINTME?

If you have crypto coin assets in your MintMe.com account, such as BTC, ETH, BNB, USDC, CRO, or any other coin listed at https://www.mintme.com/trade/coins (except for MINTME), you should be aware of our asset conversion policy. Here's how it works:

  • If you don't trade any tokens or coins for 3 months in a row, or deposit any coin assets listed on https://www.mintme.com/trade/coins (except for MINTME), your account will be considered inactive.
  • Every week, 5% of your crypto coin assets (50 USD equivalent) will be converted to MINTME on our market. This will reduce your crypto coin balance and increase your MINTME balance.
  • This conversion only affects crypto coins, not tokens or MINTME itself.
  • You can stop the conversion at any time by simply making a trade of any amount on MintMe.com, or by depositing any coin assets listed on https://www.mintme.com/trade/coins (except for MINTME).

There are several key reasons for implementing this conversion:

  • Security Focus: We are not a cryptocurrency bank and do not aim to be one. There are instances of inactive coins being held on our exchange, and for the security of our users, we encourage them to withdraw and keep their assets on the blockchain. As a relatively small exchange platform, we want to avoid the risks associated with large-scale crypto security.
  • Encouraging Activity: Our goal is to foster active trading. Users can easily avoid this conversion by making a trade of at least 1 USD every three months. Unlike other exchanges that impose inactivity fees, we opt for conversion instead of deducting from the customer’s account, which we believe is a fairer approach.
  • Legal Considerations: As an innovative social crypto exchange, we enable users to create their own tokens with the aim of garnering community sponsorship. Our focus is on interactions, posts, DMs, bounties, airdrops, etc., rather than acting as a vault for long-term storage of crypto. We want to avoid the legal complexities associated with holding large amounts of money, as is the case with banks.

Assets that remain active on MintMe.com are not impacted, regardless of the duration of inactivity of the account. For instance, if a user places their assets into orders, these orders will not be canceled, and the assets will be exempted from the conversion. The focus is primarily on idle assets that have been left dormant for extended periods, which can bring potential risks, encompassing security, legal, and other aspects, with security being the predominant concern.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our support team at support@mintme.com.