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Blockchain Crowdfunding: A better way to monetize your project

Nov 4, 2019

Looking for better ways to monetize your project?

Several economic institutions around the world have been relying on blockchain technology. They have implemented the use of cryptocurrencies for some of their operations. Somehow, this sort of ecosystem has come out to be part of our business plan

There’s been a lot said and put in (and out of) context about this and it doesn’t stop generating debate. That means it is constantly evolving and there’s more to learn from it still. Blockchain crowdfunding will be giving a lot to talk about now on.

There is this sort of conception that cryptocurrencies are the money of the future. I’m sure some of you might have heard it as well. The same will happen with blockchain crowdfunding. It will become the entrepreneurship of the future. For now, we should try to bring every idea on the table and serve it into words.

Blockchain crowdfunding is further than an activity. It is an ecosystem. You build your own program. You set the foundations of where you want to go by getting support through digital tokens. That's right. Instead of having an account in which your supporters get to deposit any contribution, you canalize such help by token offers.

Let's count on the fact you already have an idea. You have a project to develop. You'll sign up at mintMe and you create your own tokens in order to start carrying this out. There will be a chart where you can trade with them later. You'll grant such tokens value in a cryptocurrency. An initial value. A value that won't be definitive. This is one of the great things of blockchain crowdfunding, by the way. The value may change as your project goes on. You'll be offering your tokens through the mintMe platform as a reward. As any sort of payment method. Perhaps as a means of exchange for whatever it is your business project will be about.

Money doesn’t work the same way everywhere.

Regardless of how relative and subjective, such an affirmation may sound. It is a fact if we consider that the free market is not so free all over the world. Nations are banning each other nowadays. There is some sort of volatility over countries' economic agreements. Politics play a role in this stage. That’s why blockchain has even bigger participation. A controversial one, we may say. Tokens are not just like any other asset and that’s the thing with it. The current lawsuit can not always be used to allow or punish the implementation of cryptocurrencies for trade. The boundaries among nations are not fully defined nor set properly in this matter. Authorities must promote a suitable bill yet.

This is not about being right or wrong, this is about being independent.

Any project requires whatever help it could get. A good initiative should not fade away because the president of a country does not agree with another president’s administration. This is not about being right or wrong in it, this is about being independent of such conflicts. Blockchain, at this point, is representing that independence.

Through all this wave of current economic conception, being argumentative on token minting, create a coin, make your own coin, token creation, or monetization is a daily basis motif. A reason for writing and inviting people to join further discussions. Perhaps that’s how being independent of former economic conceptions might look like.

You have the chance to get any help from anywhere.

Several economic institutions around the world have been relying on blockchain technology. They have implemented the use of cryptocurrencies for a variety of operations. This has been useful for crowdfunding. Blockchain empowers you to get any help from anywhere (literally; anywhere) and such immensity is awaking the creativity even in a deeply hidden corner of a little town we’ve never heard of before.

Blockchain crowdfunding enables further possibilities. Although it is also true that hard actions are taken against their full implementation. Several government agencies around the world are still reluctant at it. News about blockchain is a daily basis issue. Such a thing generates many insights and crossed opinions.

Why blockchain crowdfunding?

The fact that anyone can create a token through and from there start crowdfunding, wides up great waves of entrepreneurship for now and the near future. So, retaking the question with which these words began, I believe it should be rephrased and go like this: why not blockchain crowdfunding instead? This looks more like an interesting proposition; one that should be highly considered.