Blockchain crowdfunding and token creation for cultural development

Nov 20, 2020

           Culture is that invisible link that unites us among people and exposes ways of thinking and living, all those material, spiritual and ideological manifestations that represent one or several people and that identify them as part of a larger group of individuals. Our patterns of behavior, belief systems, principles, and ways of life are derived from culture, which in a nutshell is the sum of all forms of art, love, and thought, which over time have allowed human beings to be freer. Once again developing and welcoming cultural diversity is one of the objectives of tokenization and crowdfunding through digital coins.

But why is culture so important?

           Culture is related to the development of our attitude because our values influence the way we live. According to the behavioral definition, this is the ultimate system of social control where people have control over their own norms and behaviors. Values are our fundamental principles, they shape what we think, how we proceed and our way of being, from there derives the importance of its healthy development.

“Creating tokens, or tokenizing a project can serve the purpose of allowing someone to earn individuality, represent a cause, develop their arts and creations...”

Tokenization is a tool of unification and identity, to allow people to collide together as one in a world of multiple characteristics because it’s made to be individual at the same time that it’s part of a global network. If we say that the creation of a customized coin or personal tokens can help develop culture, we are also saying that they are aiming to change the way we perceive things, that which is largely affected by prejudice, attitude, and emotions, factors closely related to culture. When we label something as good or bad, our preconceived ideas play a basic role. When we judge something as easy or difficult, the attitude and level of motivation we have are key. The culture to which we belong determines the structure of our thinking, which influences perceptions, thus when we act united towards the same goal such as supporting an idea through tokenization we are enhancing a new world of thought as well.

Ideas rooted in the mind influence the way we see people and how we react to certain situations. Several studies have shown that culture influences the way our brain processes information and responds to stimuli. This is another reason why it is so important. Per se culture gives us an identity and helps us to forge character. Shared values through the community or social group we are in give us a sense of belonging. Culture unites us and gives us a sense of security, and this is just the reason behind creating our own money that can also allow us to receive support and give support to others more easily and from a global perspective.

Welcoming cultural diversity

           Cultural representations such as art, literature, language, and religion, together with the values and beliefs of a community, form its essence and are manifested through the lifestyle of those who belong to it. Each culture is special, different and it is this diversity that enriches us the most. In almost every facet of life, it is important to recognize cultural differences.

Those who live around us, those with whom we live and work every day, have diverse roots since they come from other parts of the world, therefore their formation, beliefs, and values are different from ours. The knowledge of our own culture and that of others helps us to accept these differences; studying them broadens the vision we have of the world, thus learning to appreciate and respect others, blockchain crowdfunding can allow people not only creating a special place where all forms of art can find support but where communitarianism is manifested.

“Culture cannot be done alone, it is not something individual, it needs socialization.”

Cultural diversity is a driving force for development, establishing the body not only in terms of economic growth, but also as a means of having a more enriching intellectual, emotional, moral, and spiritual life. This diversity is an indispensable component of reducing poverty and achieving the goal of sustainable development, thanks, among other things, to the now-complete standard-setting mechanism developed in the cultural sphere.

This is the reason why we have called it “mutual support” because it is not a one-sided thing anymore, by allowing both sides to win through blockchain crowdfunding and token creation we are also creating the connections between people with a clear objective.

We know that the various artistic manifestations such as music, dance, theater, painting, etc, are all ways of exteriorizing or telling our story, narrating the context. For this reason, culture is also a legacy and serves as a basis in a society because it transmits teachings for the next generations, we cannot let it get lost, we need to create the right space where the development of culture is a priority, to continue to grow as a society, because through culture, men express themselves, becomes aware of themselves, questions their achievements, look for new meanings and creates works that transcend him.

“Culture, in its rich diversity, has an intrinsic value both for development and for social cohesion and peace.”

Likewise, culture forms a certain individual in his intellectual, social, and human profile leading him to create new things in his environment. For this reason, we must have our own stamp and at the same time our own essence because by the simple fact of being born in a certain nation there are elements that are part of our life.

Creating tokens, or tokenizing a project can serve the purpose of allowing someone to earn individuality, represent a cause, develop their arts and creations, rescue old initiatives, earn brand identity, allow people to express themselves and their thoughts, and support one another, in other words, token creation can promote cultural development strongly.

Mary Schwartz