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Can art become a part of this so called token creation?

Nov 7, 2019

There is something you must know now that you’re here. Tokenization, at least in the very case of, does not work out only on business opportunities. That’s the interesting thing of token creation (and purchase)

The moment I saw that for the first time, I just thought: why shouldn’t it be so already? We can see the work of an investor pretty much as we do on a patron’s. It looks like there was a pattern that allows us to come up with some insights over it, right? Well, it seems not, not quite.

There is this feeling of ethics that makes us not to put both things in the same context. Nevertheless, we can and it is good. We just need to deconstruct some concepts to see that this could be an actual opportunity. It might be good for young artists of any nature. They could get the support they have been looking for and complete their respective works. Who knows; an exhibition, a music record. Let’s serve some thoughts about it:


Tokens are a type of assets, there’s no question about it, but it is also more than that.


Any artist can create a token with the help of For instance, the platform provides the digital tools needed to mint tokens. It will be just a matter of following several steps.

Some skeptics may inquire why we should talk about assets and business plans with art. Tokens are a type of assets, there’s no question about it, but it is also more than that.

A token, aside from all the vast definitions one can find on the internet, it is also a part of a whole. It is a representation, an extension of a will. It is a kind of intention; a piece of a manifesto, and it can be tradable if applied to blockchain crowdfunding.


A songwriter can create a token that will represent his potential support through the platform.


Blockchain-based crowdfunding has become a prominent mechanism for many initiatives, Art doesn’t have to be aside from it. For instance, a songwriter can create tokens that will represent his potential support. Potential fans or supporters may join and get some of this musician's tokens. That’s how it could be thereafter.

Token creation would be some sort of invitation to support an artist by its very acquisition. Every someone who gets a token would become part of the expected contribution. This could signify the help needed to achieve artistic realization. That is, for this example, an album release.


This is not about spiritual revenue.


Tokenization, at least in the case of , does not work out for mere business projects only. Supporting a business program or an artistic project is not only about philanthropy or good samaritan feelings. Everyone who gets a token created through mintMe has the expectation of revenue. This is a possibility, a contribution that can turn into an investment without actually being it. So this is not about a spiritual revenue or like some inner satisfaction for helping someone, no; not like that (not only like that) is also a token exchange platform. It means that every single token holder has the chance to trade-in. That’s the interesting thing of token creation and purchase. They come along with a value and such value fluctuates, just like any other asset may do, only that this time such fluctuation is thrived by direct expectations. This is the construction of a mutual support community; born of activities, performances, insights, and perspectives of creators and holders.


I could get tokens from any issuer if I want.


Let’s say that the artist I would like to support has taken the smart step of creating tokens. Let’s say that such tokens have been created through . Here it is a relationship that emerges. The platform allows its users to interact with any artist or entrepreneur. Users can interact with each other in general.

I could get tokens from any issuer if I want. I could also tell others to join the platform and get a share of what they do as well. This is interesting, by the way. I could even ask any token creator what do I get from the tokens I’m holding, and based on that set a new price for a future offer. Possibilities, as you may read, are quite some. I could just exchange them all for the platform’s cryptocurrency (yes, has its own digital coin) and turn them over later into fiat money if that’s what I want.

Imagine how vast this is actually, and how big it could get to be; when Art become a part of this so-called token creation.

By Orlan Silva @OrlanSilva