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Coin creation for digital creators

Oct 31, 2020

           Coin creation or token creation has a direct incidence in the digital market. Those who create digital content of any kind are first in the line to find tokenization useful and even get used to how it works faster enough. Of course, it doesn’t mean that physical creations which can, of course, be sold in a digital form cannot get the best out of coin creation but this time I wanted to talk about those who are dedicated to creating digital content: entertainment through video platforms, drawers, designers, writers, programmers, webmasters and more.

Digital content is a very powerful and immersive persuasion tool, it is entertainment that engages easily, creates a strong emotional bond with the audience, is profitable, and creates revenue streams. It's the best way to connect with the next generation and create sustainable audiences around a brand. But even though in the world of digital creations the possibilities are multiple, sometimes people get too engrossed with the usual procedures and end up doing the same over and over again in an endless loop. It’s important to know that for brands to be relevant to a hyper-connected audience and to be present in their clients or followers lives, it is necessary to adapt and at the same time that you create adaptive content to be able to distribute through the available media and a coherent message that continuously feeds the conversation with the audience.

A different way of telling stories is needed, and we should be looking forward to creating the best situation for our personal success. What kind of payment methods you offer to purchase your content and how good you interact with your clients or how easy you make it for them. Those are questions that coin creation can help to answer.

Some fairness for digital creators

           We know that making digital content is usually not valued enough. There’s this tendency to believe that it is cheap and fast and that the creative effort is little. Those who want to become creators actually doubt they can make a profit out of it most of the time. Musicians think they cannot sell their music, designers are forced to deliver more than they are paid for, writer's creativity is usually looked down upon and the list continues.

Working from anywhere, being your own boss, as well as greater flexibility in schedules are some of the most attractive aspects for those who choose to work independently as creators online. But digital creators or freelancers could face several issues. Starting with the huge costs and the heavy expenses, reflected mainly in the tools for work: computers, cell phones, software, other tools like music instruments and recording devices, graphic tablets, good quality screens, and many times even making work trips, since the freelancer travels to visit clients and places to be more creative or to do research.

Yet, despite knowing that there is an unfair situation going on, platforms for freelancers don’t offer solutions to them, on the contrary independent digital creators usually end up earning little themselves to pay huge fees. Or offering their job for little so that the clients are convinced to pay when they could actually be earning only 5 out of a 10$ offer for a job. Not only those who have chosen to work as independent creators but even those who have contracts could end up feeling that their job is not really being taken into account.

Coin creation can change the game

  • Becoming a coin creator means that you are truly independent: It is not a situation in which you depend on the platforms 100% to be able to get clients and share information about your job and what you do, creating a coin means that you are self-reliant and you are giving people the opportunity to deal in a more direct way with you also obtaining more direct benefits, paying less while you earn more.

  • Extend your business to multiple platforms: By tokenizing your business you are allowing yourself to break barriers and work in the platforms you prefer. You don’t need to comply with a contract to sell your book only through amazon when you can offer it through a MintMe blockchain crowdfunding campaign and receive secure transactions all over the world, promoting through social media, blogs, news, or anything you want, with the same result.

  • Earn money with more fairness: since there are no middlemen to define how you should be making your business, you can count on the market's fluctuations to make the best out of your projects and services you provide. Offer them in accordance with what you believe is the right price and the same time that the market (your clients and followers) help you define what is best for you and for them.

Coin creation is the ultimate tool for digital creators today because it is made to bring real independence, worldwide business networks, brand recognition, and profitability.

Mary Schwartz